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U.S. Trade Deficit With China Grows To Record High

China’s exports are down, and imports are down even further, which translates into a trade surplus for Beijing that could set Trump on an even more aggressive warpath.

With year-end 2018 data now in, China ended up with a $324-billion trade surplus with the U.S.—a trade surplus that is over 25 percent bigger than it was prior to Trump’s ascension to the throne in Washington, DC.

And that’s even with Chinese exports down. Based on Chinese data analyzed by the BBC, exports from China dropped 4.4 percent in December, compared to the previous year, and imports also fell 7.6 percent…..CLICK for complete article

Enjoy it While You Can Cannabis Canada, Your Edge is Already Eroding

Once America federally legalizes, Canadian producers ‘might as well be growing tomatoes’, insiders say.

Green Growth Brands Ltd., a U.S.-based cannabis retailer with a large footprint in Nevada, was all geared up to enter the Ontario market until an unexpected announcement in mid-December by the province placed a drastic cap on the number of retail licences issued for pot shops.

Citing supply concerns, the provincial government changed its rules from handing out more than 1,000 promised licences to a mere 25, which are being be chosen using a lottery system.

“We had hoped to have 25 stores in Toronto. But now, I don’t know if we’re even going to be in Ontario…Click here for full article.

What’s Up Inside Your Car?

We have written quite a lot about disruptive technology in new cars, whether they are production models, prototypes, or drawing board concepts.  As each new feature is unveiled, we usually hear some “WOWS” and also some skepticism until the feature is proven and accepted.  Once accepted, the new feature can quickly move into the “must have” category.  One current feature that is not well known is the “inward facing” camera, an innovation being considered by Cadillac, Tesla, Audi, and Volvo.  At this point, no car has this feature activated.  Clearly there are two sides to how this innovation will be viewed, and those two sides are becoming very familiar:

  1. this innovation is great because it gets to know me, help me, and make my life easier and more convenient
  2. this innovation is bad as it intrudes into my private space to discover, and potentially share or reveal, information that I consider to be private


By now, we should all be aware of the trade-offs that technology can often introduce into our lives. Given the success of products like GOOGLE Home and AMAZON Alexa, it’s very clear that the masses are buying the “convenience” aspects of technology, even though there are many who caution us about the loss of personal privacy and the dangers of your personal information being used against you, such as Identity Theft. There are ongoing developments in the “information privacy” arena, and those technologies could also provide investment opportunities which we will assess carefully.  To get a sense of where we might be headed, click here.

So, what is it that an inward facing camera can possibly do, as it observes you and passes info along to all the vehicle systems?  For starters it can positively identify who is in the vehicle, especially in the driver’s seat, and activate all the preferred settings of this driver.  It could monitor the mood of the driver, and monitor health indicators, like glucose levels indicated in eye pupils.  For mood alteration the system could activate appropriate settings for the drive to work, like music or podcasts to motivate and energize, and on the drive home from work, activate calming music or meditative mantras.  If your health indicators go off the charts, the vehicle systems could notify your family, your doctor, the hospital, or 911 emergency services.  There are also some simple convenience issues that a camera could help with, like notifying you that items such as your wallet, computer, or phone are being left behind as you exit the vehicle.

As ever, the driving force behind many of these innovations is to discover and collect information about you, and of course there are all those Privacy Policies that each privacy invader wants you to agree to.  As mentioned above, the trade off is that they will give you some level of “convenience” and you will give them many personal insights about you and everyone else riding in your vehicle. Those personal insights will help them to advertise effectively and very soon try to sell you even more of the stuff they have designed, and will design, to make your life even more convenient.

If you want to see what vehicle technology may look like very soon, take a peek at the BYTON electric vehicle on display at the global technology conference in Las Vegas – a dashboard screen that is the size of seven I-Pads, a floating steering column screen for the driver, and a consul mounted screen for the passenger.  EV interiors have never looked as dazzling as this.


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Nothing Goes to Hell in a Straight Line, not even on Wall Street.

I have to admit, it was the most volatile holiday period in the stock market and the credit markets that I can remember – and perhaps in history. All kinds of crazy things happened, just when market participation was thinnest. These were crazy moves. But those crazy moves won’t be the last crazy moves…. CLICK for complete article 

Is This The End Of The Cannabis Bloodbath?


The battered marijuana sector has received a much-needed shot in the arm after tobacco company Altria Group Inc. (NYSE:MO) agreed to take a minority stake in Cronos Group Inc.(NASDAQ:CRON), the fourth-largest Canadian cannabis producer. Cronos shares surged 20 percent and triggered a mini-rally for pot stocks after the Marlboro cigarette maker agreed to make a $1.8-billion investment in the company, good for a 45 percent stake…. CLICK for complete article

Why Won’t Canadians Stick Up For Each Other?


When I grew up, I played a lot of team sports from hockey, baseball to rugby. I’m a big believer in team sport because when you are on a team, one does not see race, gender, religion or sexual preference. We are one; we win as a team, we lose as a team and you know that when it comes to competing against your opponent, “I got your back”.

What has happened to us as Canadians? We are so politically correct to apologize for any possible slight to anyone but the only thing we won’t apologize for is not watching out for our fellow Canadians. Perhaps it’s too nationalistic, too masculine, too passé for this new Canada but the easiest way to beat your competition is sit back and watch them destroy themselves. And believe me, our adversaries are having fun watching us implode.

I was recently at the Fall 2018 Private Capital Markets Association (PCMA) Conference held in Calgary on November 22nd. PCMA is a national organization to support the flow of private and alternative capital to the Canadian equities market. It was the same day that PM Trudeau showed up to Calgary to tell the Calgary Chamber of Commerce that he feels our pain; after all, he bought a $4 billion (valued at $500 million) pipeline to help get oil to tidewater. His audience was not impressed nor were the protestors that showed up to give him the traditional Calgary “ya-boo” that we like to afford all prime ministers named Trudeau.

Mean while at our conference, Jason Kenney, official opposition leader of Alberta made a passionate speech about the need to work together. Punishing your “teammate” in a federation will eventually lead to defeat for the entire Team Canada. Our economy and standard of living are at risk and the majority of Canadians don’t get it or worse, don’t care. The joy of decimating Canada’s largest economic sector, oil and gas, is completely insane. It would be like scoring in your own net and not understanding what the consequences are.

Here are the consequences of intentionally killing Canada’s economic future, $80 million dollars a day and billions lost that can’t be reinvested in healthcare, transportation and God forbid, a tax break. The liberal media and the do-gooders say we are doing this to protect the environment. Congratulations to Premier Notley of Alberta for shutting down 5 coal generating power plants. It sounds impressive until you find out that there are 1,600 coal power plants being built around the world as we speak. Talk about a tree-hugger missing the forest through the trees. As far as Trudeau, did he purchase the pipeline to build it or ensure no one else could? Maybe he could “tweet out” some money for the 100,000 Albertans out of work. According to the Bank of Canada, the combination of both their carbon tax policies have reduced the energy sector from 6% to 3.5% of Canada’s economy since both have been elected to office. And yet after this, both “green” activists are willing to transport oil by the scariest means, by rail (doesn’t anyone remember Lac Megantic?).

Lastly, in support of our fellow Canadians in Ontario losing their jobs in Oshawa as GM decides to pull out and the potential political threat of jobs being lost in London at General Dynamics (they build the armoured vehicles) to prove a point to Saudi Arabia’s regime. Albertans don’t relish the thought of other Canadians losing their livelihood. To Trudeau and all his supporters, I will offer you a tip that will help Team Canada turn its fortunes around. Build a pipeline: west, east, north and south. Get the 175 billion barrels of oil out of the ground so that money can be shared with all Canadians (we all drink from the same Cup). Drive our economy with Western oil and gas through pipelines that are built by Ontario steel flowing to refineries in the Maritimes!

Oh yeah… before I forget, stop buying Saudi oil!

Best regards,

Craig Burrows

President & CEO, Tri View Capital