Mike's Daily Comment

The Big Question Socialist Refuse To Answer

If capitalism is so bad and socialism is so good then why have 2.7 million people fled socialist Venezuela while hundreds of thousands have tried to get into the US – the world leading proponent of capitalism.

An Offer You Can’t Refuse

Tuesday’s Federal Budget will feature more than the predictable pre-election goodies because in the aftermath of the SNC Lavalin scandal it may take a lot more to get voters to forget the scandal.  This is going to be interesting. By the way, what’s your price?

The Sure Fire Problem That Will Change Society

Government have made pension promises they are never going to keep.  Only two choices remain in many cities and states in Western democracies – cut pension benefits or dramatically raise taxes.  And just wait til you see the public’s reaction when that happens.

Given that rape, torture and murder weren’t enough – I wonder what more Muammar Gaddafi could have done before SNC Lavalin would have said, “our collective conscience won’t allow us to deal with that man.” How about you – do you have a moral boundary that can’t be crossed…at least for money?

Finland Sends a Big Warning To Canada

Finland’s healthcare system is being overwhelmed by the cost of the aging population. Numerous reports have warned that a similar fate awaits Canada. Fact: right now there are more people over 65 than under 15 in Canada. By 2030 nearly a quarter of Canada’s population will be seniors.

They Must Think You’re Really Stupid

If a teacher is fired for misconduct – is the job lost. Of course not – the teacher’s replaced, the job didn’t disappear.  SNC Lavalin may lose jobs if there’s a criminal conviction but the projects will go on and highly skilled workers will be hired. The jobs aren’t lost just who works them.