Mike's Daily Comment

In Students’ Climate Change Protest Education Takes a Backseat to Advocacy

Climate change is a great opportunity to teach students about science, math, computer modelling, economics, finance and above all critical thinking but education isn’t the priority – advocacy is.

The Big Question Socialist Refuse To Answer

If capitalism is so bad and socialism is so good then why have 2.7 million people fled socialist Venezuela while hundreds of thousands have tried to get into the US – the world leading proponent of capitalism.

Goofy Award

Allegations of lying and cheating your way into prestigious universities was the way to go for a number of well known self described progressives caught by the FBI – including Silicone Valley’s most outspoken proponent of ethical investing and the kids of the star of Showtime’s hit series, “Shameless.” You just can make this stuff up.

Shocking Stat of the Week

If you’re worried about insider deals, special government favours and tax dollars for the well connected then this week’s shocking stat may be your worst nightmare.

Quote of the Week – Dan Donovan

A former lobbyist talks about the real power in government – and it should scare the heck out of all of us.

The $13,200 Wood Chipper Gets Our Attention but $161,000 for a Vanity Photographer Doesn’t

Sure spending a $1000 on a whale watching cruise and calling a tsunami awareness exercise is outrageous but why the lack of outrage over equally absurd and questionable spending of our tax dollars?