Michael Campbell’s MoneyTalks – Complete Show

Complete Show – Mar.16th

Mike looks at the BC Legislature spending scandal and says,” really…now we’re worried about wasted tax dollars.”  Don Vialoux drops by to talk about what to buy and what to stay away from at this time of year. And you won’t want to miss this week’s goofy featuring the rich and immoral.

Complete Show – March 9th

Mike talks about the social and financial cost of the diminished trust in government fueled by the disregard for truth and integrity. Celebrated financial veteran Peter Grandich shares the essence of what he’s learned over 35 years in the business. And a quote of the week that went viral from the co founder of Greenpeace.


Complete Show – March 2


Mike chimes in on the fed’s claim that they’re all about jobs – including at SNC Lavalin, while Timer’s Digest Gold and Stock Timer of the Year, Mark Leibovit lays out what’s coming next. Ozzie reports on February’s declining real estate sales. Is it time to get rid of the stress test? Plus a great Goofy and a truly Shocking Stat.

Moneytalks – The Entire Show

Mike asks who benefits from the billions spent on business subsidies and tax incentives while leading gold analyst, Eric Coffin talks about the latest rise in the precious metals. Victor Adair talks about the one big event you should know about in the markets just before the Hall of Fame Goofy Award.

Complete Show – Feb 16th

Mike talks about the shocking and unworkable details of the Democrats’ Green New Deal while heavyweight investment managers provides a fascinating view of what’s next for the investment markets. Plus in the quote of the week, self described socialist, Senator Bernie Saunders boasts about fringe and radical going mainstream. No kidding.

Complete Show – Feb 9th

Mike spotlights the costs of the “who needs fact when I know I’m morally right” attitude so prominent today while top analyst, Greg Weldon makes a compelling case for gold. And don’t missed this week’ shocking stat – plus the goofy focuses on the biggest political story of the year.