Mike’s Saturday Editorial

Ignorance of Economics and Finance Undermines Society

Efforts to improve society and our quality of life are hindered by the unwillingness of our political and media leaders to understand the impact of economics on every facet of life. For example, poor performing markets impact retirement, and a low value Canadian dollar impacts wages and consumer costs.

MoneyTalks Person of the Year

Some people talk and some people do – and then there are those who “do” so much for us all at great personal cost. This year’s honouree would never be consider for “Person of the Year” by the Canadian Press or other mainstream outlets because of his straightforward stand that “access to a waiting list does not constitute access to healthcare” challenges the status quo healthcare delivery in Canada.

They Keep Getting Every Big Story Wrong and It Doesn’t Bother Them a Bit

Our elites didn’t predict Brexit or Donald Trump’s election and they show no sign of understanding what’s going on in France with tens of thousands protesting the latest tax increase on gasoline and diesel in the name of fighting climate change.

france riot

Have They Ever Got It Wrong On Europe


Brexit is just the beginning. The EU is in the process of coming apart driven by an under reported banking crisis, sovereign debt and the incompetence of handling the refugee crisis.  And the impact will be felt in the currency, stock and bond markets. 

Bolstering Trudeau Re-Election Doesn’t Justify Debt

If we’re going to take on more debt even when times are good, there better be a good reason tied to making the economy more productive. Pet projects and special interests don’t cut it.


We’re Giving Away Billions

In 2008, California’s Corporate Ethics created and financed the plan to – in their own words – “land-lock the tar sands” so it would be forced to sell at a sharp discount.  With the aid of Canadian groups like the Green Party, the BC NDP, Leadnow and Tides Canada – they’ve succeeded. Canadian oil sells for $12 while the US gets $56 per barrel costing our government  billions.