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Learn investment strategies that help support more than a million private sector jobs (economy), new drugs and patents to help reduce costs and improve patient lives (healthcare), and use federal and provincial tax deductions / credits to maximize your tax savings this season (taxes). Seating is limited.

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Get Ready for Higher Prices; Inflation Wave Approaching


Get ready for higher prices.

According to a recent report by the Wall Street Journal, US consumers are about to be hit by a wave of inflation. The report highlights a number of price increases already implemented or in the works. For instance, Coca-Cola reported higher prices in Q3 and airlines have already raised fares and fees to offset rising fuel expenses. Trucking costs were up 7% annually in September…. CLICK for complete article

Here’s How A Halloween Portfolio Performs Against The Market


Halloween is big business for companies like Party City Holdco Inc, Walmart Inc and Target Corporation, all of which sell costumes, decorations and candy for the holiday. For traders looking to take advantage of these trends, here’s a closer look at whether a seasonal Halloween trade exists…. CLICK for complete article

Looking for Women Leaders in Science? Look No Further


ImmunoPrecise Antibodies (TSX:V – IPA) was a quiet, private Victoria-based company that had established itself as a successful, albeit small, contributor to the Canadian biotech scene. That is all changing with a vengeance under the leadership of it’s new President & CEO Dr. Jennifer Bath. And perhaps more tellingly, with the assistance of her Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Deanna Dryhurst and Director of Global Project Management Kari Graber, this team has helped make the now publicly traded ImmunoPrecise arguably the industry’s first full-service antibody discovery provider. And they are exciting shareholders with significant worldwide growth and revenue up over 400% this year alone.

A lot of conversation and ink has been used in the media decrying the lack of role models in science for girls and young women. And perhaps that is a function of where we are looking. There is no doubt our education system and academia is too often the focus, and found to be wanting. Dr. Bath and the team at ImmunoPrecise remind us that it is worth exploring the private sector for success stories. It is certainly a story that the shareholders at IPA are enjoying and has them looking for better things ahead.

Dr. Bath began her career as an academic, becoming the founder and executive director of the Concordia College Global Vaccine Institute. She then moved to the private sector where she spent 15 years with Aldevron LLC, serving as its Global Director. Dr. Dryhurst has a PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from UVic. Her work in developing ImmunoPrecise’s proprietary single B cell technology has been critical to the company’s growth and profit margins. Kari Grabner has more than 20 years experience in biotech manufacturing quality assurance, and has been critical to the success of IPA’s customer service model.

Most importantly, Dr. Bath and her team have given ImmunoPrecise a view of the future that is international is scope and scale. Her ambitious business plan is to be the partner-of-choice for the world’s biggest pharmaceutical companies seeking treatments for major diseases. And perhaps not surprisingly, IPA’s recent acquisition of ModiQuest Research in the Netherlands brought another female STEM leader into the fold. Dr. Debby Krusijsen is the head of research at the lab which recently announced the expansion of its human therapeutic discovery platform in Europe and the US, partnering with Ligand Pharmaceuticals.

The competitive world of bioscience – and the public markets – rewards skill, experience, commitment and boldness. Canada can take pride in a company whose female leadership team exhibits all of these characteristics.

Federal Liberals Stumbled into a 20B Windfall – Then They Spent it All


Here is a great article that I felt MoneyTalks subscribers would like to read to prove the point that the federal government is on another tax grab of your hard earned money. They have increased the “collection plate” to add an additional $20 billion over their projected forecast and guess where it comes from… $10 billion surplus from income tax.

If your frustrated in paying more than your fair share of taxes, we have a couple strategies to significantly reduce your tax contributions for 2018. We will be conducting seminars in Vancouver, Victoria and Calgary November 12, 13, 14 & 15. – Craig Burrows CEO, TriView Capital Ltd.

The Economist this week warns policy makers to “start preparing for the next recession” while they still can. The release of the government of Canada’s annual financial report for the 2017-18 fiscal year, however suggests the Trudeau Liberals have no notion of foregoing that most enjoyable of all entitlements: spending other people’s money.

The annual budget is an aspirational document, revealing what the government would like to do. But the annual report is a look…Click here for full article


Who Bought the $1.6 Trillion of New US National Debt Over the Past 12 Months?


So far in this fiscal year, which just started on October 1, the US gross national debt – the total debt issued by the US government – has jumped by $138 billion in just 11 business days, fueled by a stupendous spending binge and big-fat tax cuts, to a breath-taking $21.654 trillion, after having jumped $1.27 trillion in fiscal 2018. And these are the good times! CLICK for complete article