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Best Sector ETFs For January: Looking For Leadership

On a historical basis, January is not as kind to U.S. equities as many investors believe it to be, but after a rough fourth quarter, the S&P 500 is starting 2019 on a strong note.

Following Monday’s gain, the benchmark U.S. equity gauge is up about 1.8 percent to start the new year…. CLICK for complete article

This Day In Market History: Warren Buffett Buys First Shares Of Berkshire Hathaway


By the time Buffett bought his first 2,000 shares of Berkshire Hathaway, he’d already been trading about 21 years.

But his play in the former textile manufacturing company has become his most significant.

Buffett bought in at $7.50 a share, and with the Class A stock now worth $297,240, the initial, $15,000 investment is valued around $594,480,000, representing returns of about 39,631 percent…. CLICK for complete article

Ugly Week for Stocks: Bad Sign that Even the WSJ’s Mega-Effort to Reflate them Fizzled


This week was ugly for stocks in its own right, but it was particularly ugly because there was a major – and briefly very successful – effort by the Wall Street Journal to manipulate share prices higher. Tuesday was a bad day. Wednesday the stock market was closed. And Thursday just before noon, the Dow was already down over 700 points. It was time to pull out the big guns, namely the WSJ citing unnamed Fed “officials.” CLICK for complete article

Trade War Truce Sends Markets Soaring


Trade war truce. The U.S. and China declared a truce in the trade war, sending global markets shooting up. Commodity prices rose, as one of the key near-term downside risks to demand has been delayed, if not entirely removed. Meanwhile, last week the U.S. Federal Reserve signaled a softer stance on interest rate increases. Taken together, global financial markets have received a dramatic boost…. CLICK for complete article 

The Hottest Sectors For Investors Post-Midterms


It’s about two weeks since Democrats romped to a historic victory after retaking the House of Representatives in the midterm elections. The elections were marked by several milestones, including the biggest voter turnout of any midterm election as well as the biggest margin in a midterm blowout in 40 years…. CLICK for complete article

Stock Sell-Off Accelerates As Bear Market Looms


For several months now, several leading hedge fund managers and a section of Wall Street have been sounding the alarm over a looming bear market that will eventually kill the longest bull market in stocks history.

Notably, as far back as April, Morgan Stanley declared that we we’re already in the throes of a rolling bear market fueled by an impending sharp slowdown in economic growth, as well as the eventual wearing off of the Trump tax bonanza….CLICK for complete article