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How Would People React To A Social Media Tax? Look At Uganda

The Arab Spring that destabilized governments in the Middle East began in the spring of 2011. Nearly a decade later, the full repercussions of the uprisings are starting to hit home with some governments adopting a new strategy to curtail their influence: taxing social media usage.  Arab Spring protesters primarily used social media networks to successfully effect regime changes. And now some autocratic governments are hitting back by trying to limit citizens’ access to these tools. One such country is Uganda.

The East African nation with a population of 43 million has become the latest country to attempt to gag the voice of its citizens after imposing a social media tax intended to…Click here for full article.

What Does the Financial Future Look Like for 2019?

The answer is in Mark Leibovit’s 2019 Annual Forecast Model!

For only 72 hours Michael’s MoneyTalks listeners can receive both the 2019 AND next year’s 2020 forecast for the price of one!

Mark is well known to MoneyTalks as a Timer’s Digest award-winning trader in gold, stocks and bonds. His world famous Volume Reversal technical model remains one of the most consistent tools available to individual investors. He was also the first analyst to recommend cannabis stocks all the way back in 2014.

CLICK HERE to see some of the remarkable charts and predictions from previous editions of his Annual Forecast. Get your own roadmap to the stock market for 2019.

Alberta Crossroads 2019 – Event Invitation

From Economic Turmoil to Your Family’s Prosperity
Saturday, March 16th, 2019 – 12:45pm to 5:15pm at Mt Royal University in Calgary

Andrew Ruhland and Integrated Wealth Management is hosting “Alberta Crossroads 2019” as an antidote to the chaos unfolding in Alberta, to protect families from being hurt further by the perfect storm of bad policy, attacks from Enviro-radicals with no push-back from industry, and a blasé federal government that appears intent on killing the oil and gas industry.

Their solution: Alberta Crossroads 2019 will give attendees the facts from clear-headed experts, AND specific action steps to get back in control of their financial future. Watch Andrew’s video below.

Early Bird price of $99 until March 10th, $149 thereafter – CLICK HERE to reserve your seats.


Will CRISPR be an accepted Solution?

Health care costs and budgets are ballooning all around the world as we see global populations moving into higher and higher age brackets.  With so much health care research going on, doctors are challenged to keep up with new drugs and their side effects, as well as new procedures and tools that deliver more accurate and timely diagnoses and remedies.  Once in a while a new technology will emerge that has the potential to dramatically alter the status quo.  CRISPR has that potential, as it may be a way to end all disease – wow – a very BOLD statement indeed, but could it be true ?

CRISPR (pronounced crisper) is a simple and powerful tool for editing genomes, allowing researchers to alter DNA sequences and modify gene function.  There have been DNA editing…Click here for full article.

‘Sizable Amounts Of Short Covering’ In Canopy Growth

Canopy Growth Corp CGC 0.27%, one of the hottest stocks in the market so far in 2019, got yet another boost Thursday when the company announced celebrity Martha Stewart would be joining the company to advise on the development of marijuana products for humans and pets.

In addition to the good fundamental news, financial technology and analytics firm S3 Partners analyst Ihor Dusaniwsky said Thursday he is seeing signs of a potential short squeeze ahead that could propel Canopy stock…Click here for full article.

Crypto Firms Consolidate Amid Push For Legitimacy

Despite an environment rife with economic and political instability, global M&A value in 2018 reached near-record levels as markets remained unhampered by the heightened geopolitical risk. The cryptocurrency space was not nearly as rampant, yet the industry still managed to record a decent amount of consolidation as companies looked to beef up their platforms through the acquisition of like-minded entities.

But now another trend is emerging: crypto companies are using ‘backdoor listings’ to ease into…Click here for full article