Quote of the Week

The Donald Trumpets His Ignorance on Trade

He calls himself Tariff Man but still can’t figure out that it’s Americans who are paying the tariffs he’s put on. PS He got lots of company in Canada.when it comes to understanding trade. 


Banning of Speech Gains Speed

Decisions on who and what gets to be said or written is decending into mob rule and brain-washing.mob rule

The New McCarthyism Grips University Campuses

The majority of university students are afraid to express views that are contrary to their instructors – open enquiry is restricted, free speech curtailed – those questioning the progressive dogma are threatened.


The Prime Minister Gave Us A Good Laugh

The Prime Minister’s response to the news that Stats Can is forcing Canada’s biggest financial institutions to turn over all personal financial information of half a million Canadians without their consent or knowledge was good for a laugh – if nothing else. 

laughing jt

Best Line on the Federal Carbon Tax

There’s no shortage of responses to the proposed Federal Carbon Tax Plan but one tweet in particular made us laugh.


One of the World Top Intellectuals Takes on The Horse Manure Pedaled at Universities

Feminist Icon, registered Democrat, Bernie Saunder’s supporter, Camile Paglia states that sloganeering and moral posturing on university campuses is nothing more than elitism masquerading as egalitarianism.