Mike's Daily Comment

You Won’t Like The #1 Way We Compete With The US

Most way underestimate the low dollar in our economic performance. A low dollar helps offset the higher cost of our regulatory regime and increasing taxes when competing with the US, BUT, a falling dollar is not sound economic policy.

Students Paying Price for Carbon Emission

Students are returning to class, and with the escalating carbon tax, designed to tackle emissions that we all created, students will be the ones paying the biggest price.

The Legendary Mr. Jim Dines

We are very excited to kick-off the 2019 broadcast year with one of MoneyTalks all-time favourite analysts Jim Dines, founder of The Dines Letter. Famous for his Super-Major Bull Market calls over the last 40+ years, we are particularly happy to welcome Mr. Dines just after the publication of his 2019 Forecast Issue.

Shocking Stat – Latest Nail in the Coffin of Real Estate

The latest measure in the drop of real estate activity is worse than we thought – and it spells continued weak markets in 2019.

Goofy Award – Sad Reaction to World Junior Loss

The world junior hockey tournament has put determination, excellence and commitment on display but that’s clearly not enough for some Canadians.

Quote of the Week

The Humboldt Bronco’s tragic accident was the Canadian Press story of the year. Canadians can go a long way to honouring the victims if we follow the Bronco’s Core Covenant.