Shocking Stat

It Should Be A Front Page Story…But It’s Not


Even if you know the pension crisis is coming – you’ll be shocked by the latest numbers on US Social Security. It’s a reminder that even the smallest change costs big, big money…. money that they don’t have.  

You Won’t Believe How Big Alberta’s Deficit Is Going To Be

U of Calgary economist, Trevor Tombe shocked the province with his projection on the size of the deficit in the coming decades if nothing changes. It’s unsustainable but is there the political will to do anythng about it. 


The Most Targeted Group for Hate Crimes

Nothing’s changed. It’s not even close – it’s not black, Hispanics or Muslims – the most targeted group for hate crimes are Jews.



Ignoring American Pipeline Construction

There are seven new pipelines under construction in the US to handle the record amount of oil being produced. Meanwhile Canada is on track for a $20 billion loss due the lack of pipeline capacity.


This Cost Canadians $371 Millions In Just 2 Months

The numbers are in. Canadians paid an extra $371 million in tariffs levied by the Federal government on US goods in July and August. Americans were forced to pay $713 million more in tariffs on Canadian goods fro June to August. 


If Reducing Emissions is the Goal Then We’ve Got This Dead Wrong.

Some the world’s most respected climate change advocates – along with 65% of members of the Association of Applied Science – say the most influencial environmental lobbyist have got this dead wrong.