Shocking Stat

Is New Brunswick About To Become Your Problem?

In New Brunswick only 57 out of every 100 eligible workers has a job.  Meanwhile provincial debt keeps growing. The politicians don’t care but you should, especially if they come to the feds for help. 


It’s Straight Forward But Somehow Our Politicians Don’t Get It


Federal tax revenues from those people in the highest tax bracket dropped $4.6 billion because our big tax, big spend politicians can’t seem to understand that when prices change – so does behavior. Starts at the 33:57 mark

Who Says Socialism Doesn’t Pay

Chavez sister

When Fidel Castro died his net worth was estimated at $900 million. China’s President  Xi Jinping’s net worth is estimated at $1.5 billion but they don’t have a thing on Venezuela Socialist champion Hugo Chavez and his daughter. Starts at 32:11 mark

Federal Leaders Endorse Reverse Robin Hood Policy


Take from the poor and give to the rich underpins the supply management system that every federal leader endorses – even at the risk of derailing NAFTA. Starts at the 34:02 mark

We’re Paying Full Price For Saudi Oil While Our Oil Sells At a Record Discount


$20.9 billion – that’s how much we’ve paid Saudi Arabia for oil imported to Eastern Canada – by tanker – all at world prices while our oil sells at the biggest discount in 5 years because we can’t get it to world markets. Starts at 30:52 mark. 

Shocking Stat – Forgive The Good News

We love our stories of doom and gloom but that doesn’t change the fact that in many areas the world’s getting better . Here’s just a sampling of the profound progress being made. We dare you to listen.