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Socialism’s Shocking Failure in Venezuela

If Socialism unrelenting record of failure in every country it’s been tried hasn’t been enough to dissuade media darlings like Naomi Klein and Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez from pushing it in Canada and the US but maybe these numbers from socialist Venezuela will.  But then again – probably not.

See How Much Government Has Cost Home Owners

When home prices drop – every home owner’s net worth takes a beating but this time it’s different. Government did it on purpose and the amount is staggering.

Shocking Stat – Latest Nail in the Coffin of Real Estate

The latest measure in the drop of real estate activity is worse than we thought – and it spells continued weak markets in 2019.

Top 3 Shocking Stats for 2018

So much competition for the most shocking stat of 2018 from pipelines to political murders to the size of the Canadian UN Peace Keeping Force – and there’s so many more.

You Won’t Believe The Perks of Being A Canadian Senator

Four lucky Canadians including an ex Liberal Premier and a failed Liberal candidate just won the lottery – otherwise known as being appointed to the Canadian Senate.  Have a listen to the salary and the litany of perks that go with the appointments. Living proof that the aristocracy is alive and well in Ottawa.

Canadians Couldn’t Care Less About the Pay Cut

The shocking part isn’t the 33% paycut that every Canadians gets…it’s the fact that so few care.