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Complete Show – Dec 22nd

For the first time ever we broadcast Michael’s incredibly popular How to Trade Currencies show, recorded in Calgary with Victor Adair and Jack Crooks. Previously only available to subscribers at moneytalks.net, you’ll hear the secrets of the currency markets, what they can tell you about all your other investments and how you can make money trading!

The Entire Moneytalks Show

Mike names the very deserving Moneytalks Person of the Year. Gold expert Martin Murenbeeld drops by to discuss the big variable that determines where gold’s headed while Victor Adair chonicles a wild week on the markets. Plus – a goofy award you don’t want to miss.

Saving Every Penny – Dec 8th Complete Show


Canada’s foremost tax commentator and author Tim Cestnick joins Mike to share his tops recommendations that you MUST hear. Plus a Big Fat Idea from Neil McIver, Live from the Trading Desk, The Goofy and much more.

The Complete Show – Dec 1st

Mike talks about the ramifications of the EU disaster on your personal finances while Lance Roberts looks at the outlook for real estate and stocks.  Ozzie drops buy to ask the question – whatever happened to the Empty Home Tax revenue. Plus a goofy double header that are so well deserved.


Borrowing and Spending in Good Times is a Recipe For…


Deja vu all over again. We’re back to the old time Liberal borrow and spend budgets – even in good times. Plus John Johnston drops by to talk what to do with your investments in today’s volatility while Ozzie Jurock cowers at the thought of new vacancy control. And don’t worry – there a great (and richly deserved) goofy. 

Complete Show – Nov 17th


Just after Labour Day Josef Schachter predicted the benchmark price of oil would fall back under $60 and that would have a cascade affect on energy stocks. That prediction has come true and so Mike had to have him back to find out how low the market might go, how far the stocks might fall as we enter tax loss sell season – and who will be the bargain buys at the bottom. Plus a Big Fat Idea, Live from the Trading desk and more.