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A Canadian Scandal That’s Finally Getting Some Attention

Kimberly Fawcett’s story is one of unfathomable tragedy – determination – and dedication to serving Canada. Unfortunately her story is also about a lack of compassion, common sense and decency on the part of government.

I Am Still Astounded By The Prime Minister Latest Tweet

The superficiality is amazing. The virtue signaling and the emotional immaturity breathtaking.  But then again $50 million is a small price to pay to impress celebrities.


Double Header – BC Politics and UN Bureaucrats


A couple of real head shakers as goofiness is coming in waves this week!

Referendum Gong Show

It’s not enough that people who vote “yes” in BC’s proportional representation have no idea which one of the three systems they’ll end up with – now at the 11th hour, BC Premier John Horgan says one of the choices is off the table. The cynicism is breathtaking. 


Blaming Trump For Everything Misses The Point

It was predictable that in the aftermath of the tragic synagogue murders in Pittsburgh that the knee jerk reaction in some quarters would be to blame President Trump, but that does a tremendous disservice to the bigger problem of anti-semitism. The victims deserved better. 


Even for Politics This Is Weird

One of the leading contenders for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination, Senator Elizabeth Warren demanded for decades that her ethnicity be listed as Native American in faculty directories and professional profiles due her heritage as a member of the Cherokee Nation. The only problem is that as the DNA test showed, it’s BS.