Goofy Award Winner

Goofy Award – The Prime Minister’s Office

A potential rap sheet for a major Canadian company – and a Justice Minister who conveniently lost her portfolio amidst allegations that the Prime Minister’s Office pressured her to avoid criminal convictions for this long-standing Liberal donor based in Quebec.

Union Show Their True Colours

CUPE’s support for the serial human rights abuser, Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro ignores the findings of Human Rights watch, Amnesty International and countless independent observers regarding imprisonment, torture and even murder of political opponents.

Early Nominee for Fake News Story of the Year

It’s not just that the media was so wrong on the coverage of the Covington Catholic High School incident – the bigger problem is the knee jerk violent response from well known celebrities and news people.

That’s What I Call A Waste of Our Money

Whether they want to or not, every worker in Canada under the age of 70 must pay Canada Pension Plan Contributions. So why on earth is the CPP spending hundreds of thousands of dollars advertising?

Goofy Award – Sad Reaction to World Junior Loss

The world junior hockey tournament has put determination, excellence and commitment on display but that’s clearly not enough for some Canadians.

2018 Goofy of the Year

Talk about competition.  There are so many worthy candidates for the Goofy of the Year including the predictable entrants from President Trump and Prime Minister Trudeau to Elizabeth Warren’s outrageous claim and three academics who proved how easy it is to get any “grievance” study published.