Goofy Award Winner

Stephen Harper’s Resignation Proves To Be No Fun for Academics

Who says there’s no bias in academics. Canadian Studies profs are so lost without the former PM that they’re holding a conference to discuss what to do next.

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Goofy – Would You Spend You’re Own Money Like This?

Why’s it’s so easy to spot government waste and misspending? ‘Cuz it happens all the time. This single example illustrates the disrespect for taxpayer contributions.

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The Best Rectum Story of the Year

This week’s goofy, the United Nations has another mind blowing, bad news appointment for women. More surprising is that people still take the UN seriously. Plus bonus, ahem….the “bottom” line on a Canadian Mint employee’s method of stealing a huge amount of gold.

Shocking Stat: Wear Body Armor And Learn To Duck


Human Rights Smackdown – Canada vs China

Prime Minister Trudeau suggests it ‘s a draw between us when it comes to human rights – which sets Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch on their NGO ears. 

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Amnesty Street Beating

Is This The All Time Olympic Goofy

He had it all but then hookers, booze and a heaping helping of stupidity took over. Ryan Lochte kisses millions goodbye as he forges a unique Olympic legacy.

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A Stretched Olympic Solution

With all of those superbly conditioned and exceptionally beautiful Olympians, the organizers came up with the ideal remedy for youth and beauty interaction

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