Mike's Daily Comment

Billions Wasted On Climate Policy For One Simple Reason

Canada has wasted billion on climate policy for the straightfowrad reason that governments and climate change adovcates refuse to do a cost benefit analysis. A sure sign that they’re far more serious about virtue signaling than effective policy, which gets the best bang for our tax dollars.

You Won’t Like The #1 Way We Compete With The US

Most way underestimate the low dollar in our economic performance. A low dollar helps offset the higher cost of our regulatory regime and increasing taxes when competing with the US, BUT, a falling dollar is not sound economic policy.

Students Paying Price for Carbon Emission

Students are returning to class, and with the escalating carbon tax, designed to tackle emissions that we all created, students will be the ones paying the biggest price.

You’re Paying More for CPP – And Getting Less

Get ready folks, the folks who manage the most under-funded pension in the country (The federal civil service), will be coming after your money, especially if you are self-employed or running a small business.

Double Dipping MSP Premiums

BC’s NDP government will be collecting the new health tax from businesses while individuals STILL pay MSP in 2019 PLUS increases to property taxes are coming to pay that tax. And there’s more…

What Are You Doing to Help Your Finances in 2019?

One thing we can count on in the coming year is that all levels of government will be taking more of your money by way of taxes, fees and levies. So what are you doing to improve your finances knowing the government won’t be?