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Poll Results aren’t Fake News But Most Are Irrelevant

Case in point – 82% of Vancouver residents support a Skytrain line extension – but they weren’t told how much it will cost and who’s going to pay. Without those details the poll results offer no practical value.  Let’s face it the majority of us will always support government spending as long as we don’t know the cost and more importantly – don’t know who’ll pay.

When Stupidity Goes Mainstream

We’ve always had people who thought that facts and research were irrelevant. After all, they knew they were right. The difference now is that, from Greenpeace to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, they boast about their ignorance while dominating debates.

Complete Show – Feb 9th

Mike spotlights the costs of the “who needs fact when I know I’m morally right” attitude so prominent today while top analyst, Greg Weldon makes a compelling case for gold. And don’t missed this week’ shocking stat – plus the goofy focuses on the biggest political story of the year.

40% of Canadians Pay No Income Tax

You want a progressive system where the well to do pay more than those with low income. Well, we got it. The latest numbers from Stats Can show that the top 1% of income earners pay 20% of all taxes while the 40% of Canadians who are at the low end of the income scale pay nothing.

Prime Minister Says Low Income Families Don’t Pay Taxes

He’s right….other than gasoline taxes, liquor taxes, increased rents thanks to property taxes, sales taxes, fees, levies, cigarette and marijuana taxes, higher prices when taxes and other mandatory government charges are passed along to consumers, higher prices on milk and other diary thanks to supply management.

Competition Bureau Says BC Government on Wrong Track With Ride Sharing

BC can now be fairly described as the least progressive place in North America when it comes to embracing major shifts like ride sharing. What’s worse – according to the Competition Bureau it’s Soviet like approach is bad for both consumers and business.