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Tesla Model Y Unveiled: An Affordable (Sort of) Midsize EV Crossover

The Tesla Model Y introduced late Thursday is everything Tesla has promised, and less. This is the smaller SUV in the Tesla fleet, a sibling to the Model 3 sedan. But: The cheapest Model Y will cost $40,200 with zero options, and it won’t be available for two more years. It’s so far off, you can’t even put down a $2,500 deposit today, let alone configure it. The Model Ys you can order today will be delivered fall 2020, a year and a half away,…Click here for full article.

Quote of the Week – Dan Donovan

A former lobbyist talks about the real power in government – and it should scare the heck out of all of us.

The $13,200 Wood Chipper Gets Our Attention but $161,000 for a Vanity Photographer Doesn’t

Sure spending a $1000 on a whale watching cruise and calling a tsunami awareness exercise is outrageous but why the lack of outrage over equally absurd and questionable spending of our tax dollars?

The Most Splendid Housing Bubbles in Canada Deflate

Canadian housing markets are in a category of their own. No housing market in the US – no matter how crazy Housing Bubble 1 was, which began to implode in 2006, or how crazy Housing Bubble 2 is or was – can hold a candle to the most splendid housing bubbles in Canada. Instead of a Financial Crisis and a mortgage crisis and Housing Bust 1, the bubbliest Canadian markets only had a little-bitty dip, and within months were back on track to what would be an 18-year housing boom that is now coming undone…Click here for full article.

Why Canada’s Stock Market is Killing Your Returns (and What to Do About It)?

  Canadian’s have a lot of things to be proud of but the stock market isn’t one of them. This is what it looks like; about $2.3 trillion divided into 9 sectors. Source: Data from It’s not difficult to spot the obvious failing. Two sectors (Financials and Resources) account for over half of the […]

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Is Now The Right Time To Invest In Gold?

Bullish news is mounting for gold as the world’s central banks spark a surge in demand for the precious metal.

The People’s Bank of China boosted its gold reserves for a 3rd straight month in February, bringing overall holdings to 1,874 tonnes, or 60.26 million ounces. The move is part of China’s technique to move away from the U.S. dollar.

According to the central bank, it has added about 32 tons of the precious metal to its coffers in the last three months, purchasing some 10 tons in February.

The Reserve Bank of India, too, is boosting its gold …Click here for full article.