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Legend James Dines: Entire Money Talks Interview Below PDF Print E-mail
Written by Michael Campbell & James Dines   
Saturday, 16 March 2013 10:26

dines11Michael Interviews James Dines, one of the Great Investor Legends who long ago defiantly warned investors of the "invisible crash" that would bring down stocks in 1966. In an industry where it takes courage and conviction to go against the crowd, Dines also alerted investors of the unexpected gold boom of 1974, the Internet revolution of 1996, warned of the market top in 2000, and more. A pioneer in technical analysis and Crowd Psychology applied to markets, Dines answers Michael's questions on today's Markets and the environment they are operating in.  

Victor Adair is first, Michael starts interviewing James at the 8:50 mark:

Michael Campbell's commentary plus interview's with Ozzie Jurock on Real Estate and Michael Levy on Gold in the 1st 1/2 hour of Money Talks below:


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