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8 Reasons Agriculture Stocks Are Headed Much, Much Higher PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dick Sterling via 321Gold   
Tuesday, 25 March 2014 10:57

imagesThe global boom in agriculture investments is nowhere near over, nor are rising food prices, despite recent numbers from the FAO. The UN's Food and Agriculture Organization reports that world food prices are relatively stable, and well below the highs we saw in 2011. The World Bank agrees, and is reporting stable and declining global food prices. So should you trust their numbers?

Here's the reality: Beef prices have just posted their biggest price spike in a decade, and the Wall Street Journal reports that food prices are surging and are expected to rise another 3.5% this year. Riots are breaking out in Venezuela with sky-high food prices partially to blame. More riots can be expected worldwide, as we saw in 2008 and 2011 when there were more than two dozen countries dealing with food-related social chaos.

Droughts, subsidized ethanol production and blistering Chinese demand.....

....much much more HERE

Farmers Will Be Driving the Lamborghinis - Part 11 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Chris Berry, MBA - Morning Notes   
Monday, 24 March 2014 02:20
The Underappreciated Significance of Food Security and Fertilizers 
Though many disinflationary forces still predominate around the globe, more and more is being said about food inflation. We still believe in the primacy of food security as forces as disparate as the weather and urbanization coalesce to push the price of food upwards. 
Some recent headlines reinforce this assertion: 
Food Prices Surge as Drought Exacts a High Toll on Crops WSJ 3/18/14 (subscription req’d) 
Brazil Drought Jolts Commodities' Prices – WSJ 3/4/14 (subscription req’d)
It's also not just the "staples" like wheat or meat that have seen prices trending upwards. Even shrimp are experiencing price "hyperinflation", to borrow a phrase from Business Insider:
Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 2.27.34 AM
The dramatic increase in shrimp prices is reportedly one of the reasons Darden Restaurants (DRI:NYSE) is trying to spin off its Red Lobster seafood chain. Clearly, the restaurant can't pass along a price increase to a consumer without the means to pay for it.
Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 2.28.13 AM
Not surprisingly, as food price increases have started to garner headlines, central banks and governments are pledging to step in and ease the pain:
Brazil central bank pledges to limit food inflation jump – Reuters 3/18/14
Government involvement can, of course, take many forms including trade agreements. China and the Netherlands recently committed to signing a trade agreement where the Chinese will "import" Dutch dairy expertise to increase both the quantity and quality of Chinese dairy products:
China, Netherlands to sign trade pacts, including deal on dairy cooperation - 3/23/14
And perhaps most worryingly, as food prices increase, wages have not kept pace. While consumer prices in the US have risen by 6.4% since 2011, the price of chicken is up 18.4%, ground beef is up 16.8% and bacon (a personal favorite) is up 22.8%. Median income has reportedly only gained 1% over the same timeframe.
The charts below, though slightly dated, show the trend in price inflation of select food items.
Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 2.30.05 AM
Counteracting This Trend
There are several ways to protect against rising food prices. Self-education regarding technologies and geopolitical developments is a good start. With Russian President Vladimir Putin's strategy in annexing Crimea, several of Moscow's allies, including Belarus, are rethinking their relationship with Moscow. You'll remember that Belarus is one of the most important potash producers on the globe.
If Belarus goes "in play" as the Ukraine has, profound implications for global fertilizer markets will result. If you have a subscription, please see the excellent article in the most recent edition of Foreign Affairs titled, "Belarus Wants Out: One of Russia's Closest European Allies Begins to Play the Field".
Improving agricultural output can also help mitigate rising food prices and this is why we have been close followers of the fertilizer space. Brian Ostroff of Windemere Capital, has penned a wonderful article discussing the fertilizer markets and the implications for Arianne Phosphate (DAN:TSX, DRRSF:OTCBB). You can view his prescient thoughts here.
We will be returning to the fertilizer markets in the Notes shortly as it appears that there has been movement and consolidation in the space which brings with it more discovery opportunities.
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Aggressive Investors: Huge Potential 10 Juniors Set Up & Poised PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jeb Handwerger & Money Talks Editor   
Saturday, 22 March 2014 10:07

Agressive investors are well aware that the big money is made in companies that are setup with a combination of a great business proposition that as yet has not become well known, and a stock price that has suffered from a Bear Market. This is not for money set aside for a rainy day but each one of these 10 companies is currently trading anywhere less than 1/2 and in some cases 1/8 of were they where one to three years ago. Moreover they all have a great business on the brink of becoming disovered by the investing public...", thus all have the potentional to move dramatically upward. For example if International Tower Hill Mines Ltd just moves up to where it was trading in August 2011 it will have to rise from its current $1.14 to $8.45. Its potential should be significantly higher than that if its mine is developed and particlualrily if Gold were to soar! As Warren Buffet said in an article two days ago, if he could he would "invest in great small-cap stocks." "It’s a huge structural advantage not to have a lot of money. I think I could make you 50% a year on $1 million. No, I know I could. I guarantee that.”

All these companies are cheap to buy. Selling between .14 cents and $3.70, most are trading below $2:00. All but one have suffered a decline from a bear market in junior mining stocks & all have valid and very exciting projects. 

These companies were all searched out by Jeb Handwerger who studied engineering and mathematics at University of Buffalo and earned a Master's degree at Nova Southeastern University. 

Each company has a comment from Jeb, and because it is often difficult to search out critical information on a company to do your due diligence prior to buying, I have listed out and linked each companies Website, Financial Statements, and comments from experts other than Jeb. All the links lead to additional research for those inclined to get really thorough - Editor Money Talks (P.S. This was the most popular article this week)

Comstock Mining Inc.  

"LODE may be the gem of the entire mining industry." - Jeb
"ITH's Livengood project has huge leverage to the price of gold." - Jeb
"For investors who are looking for leverage and for advanced assets, LAM is a good candidate." - Jeb
"NUG has a top-notch management team that has found major discoveries in Nevada.' - Jeb
NuLegacy Gold
"PLG hit a heavy volume when the company released results from drilling at Kinsley Mountain; this is very encouraging." - Jeb
Pilot Gold Inc.2
"Potential is huge for PRB's Borden Lake project." - Jeb
Probe Mines Limited
"RNX's Dumont Nickel project is one of the best advanced nickel projects under the control of a junior." - Jeb
Royal Nickel Corp
"URZ already has offtake agreements at higher uranium prices." - Jeb
"ZC is one of the forces behind some high-quality, early-stage junior mining companies." - Jeb
Zimtu Capital

Enterprise Group Inc.


Financial Snapshot & Balance Sheet


Expert Comments on Enterprise Group Inc.


"E had a major run in 2013, and it may just be the beginning." - Jeb



 For Jeb's latest article go to:  Jeb Handwerger: China Isn't Slowing Down, It's Buying Up
(Resources, that Is)

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