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Written by Jack Crooks   
Thursday, 14 March 2013 10:40

CurrenciesFirst, let me thank Michael for giving me this chance to offer you one of 25 seats at my upcoming “Trade with Jack” Forex seminar in Orlando. I'm not one to brag, but when it comes to money, success speaks for itself. And success is the reason I want you to join me in Orlando Sunday and Monday, April 7-8. 

I've been on a red-hot trading streak this year. In Orlando, I'll show you how I traded my way to over 40% profit in about 60 days!


Closed Trades for 2013 through 5-March-13

Total Trades: 45
Total Pips Profit* $20,744 (*based on 1 (one) contract per trade)
Winners: 24
Losers: 17
Breakeven: 4
Win/Loss Ratio 1.4
Average Winner (PIPs) 117
Average loser (PIPs) -53

This is based on a $50,000 starting capital size--a 41% gain on closed trades this year to date... and that's only one-lot traded per reco.

Do you want a 41% return in just 2 Months?

You can do it...When You Learn My Secrets. In Orlando, I'll Reveal My Daily "Rituals" and Strategies that enabled me to achieve a 1.4 Win/Loss Ratio

Enjoy one free night’s accommodations as a Money Talks Subscriber Sign up today, and you'll even get one standard hotel room at Courtyard Marriott - Orlando Airport included in your tuition… a $179 value! (Plus there is free shuttle service from the airport to the hotel.)

Back to success…

Who should attend?

Intermediate to Advanced traders who want to hone their skills with me (and maybe combine it with a family vacation) in a relaxed, very intimate setting where I'll answer all of your questions. Come prepared to ask anything you want on Japan, Global Macro events, Washington Politics--and how they may (or may not) affect the markets.

What You'll Learn on Sunday in a give-and-take seminar session....

1. Fundamentals: Developing a market view you can profit from
2. Price Action in FX Markets and how to capitalize on it
3. Psychology - Getting your mind right so your trades make money
4. Risk Management - Tactical entry and exits to preserve capital and maximize profit
5. A Modified Wave Trading Approach--My proprietary system
6. Putting it all together: Swing levels, Fibs, Pivots, 1-2-3 wave analysis
7. MONDAY LIVE: Early morning session Identifying high probability trade setups

What You'll See on Monday...

Watch as I trade live the tail end of the London session and the U.S. session. My trades will be up on a screen for everyone to see, and I'll explain my every move. You'll deepen your knowledge considerably on how to recognize high probability trade setups.

If you've ever wanted to look over the shoulder of a highly successful trader--this is your opportunity. You'll see how I find the high probability trades every day, make my decisions, place my trades, and keep going.

Maybe most important--you'll see my daily rituals that keep me on track. Rituals help me focus and by seeing mine, you can develop your successful rituals.


And you'll walk away with some incredible bonuses, including:

• One month of FREE real-time mentoring to apply knowledge gained from the workshop-- a $5,000 value!
• A 50% discount on a one year subscription to Currency Currents Professional (a $497 savings!)
• Key reference materials to support ongoing development as a forex trader

Trading foreign exchange (forex) successfully requires daily study and constant focus. It is imperative to know your market, know the risks, and know yourself in order to establish a trading methodology that is right for you.

In Orlando, you can dramatically deepen your understanding and trading methodology by learning alongside an experienced trader.


There are no short-cuts or Holy Grails, despite what others may suggest. But you can make serious money trading foreign currencies if you do the right things consistently, over time.

My Orlando Black Swan Trading Workshop will help you do just that.

Please note: This is not for beginners.

This is an intermediate- to advanced-level trading workshop applied to the foreign exchange market. To get the most out of this workshop it's important you already understand the basics of foreign exchange (the lingo & conventions) and have past personal trading experience.

Come down to Orlando, ask questions, apply yourself and take a lot of notes. If you do, this workshop will not only help you become a better trader, but inspire you to life-long learning in the exciting and dynamic market we call forex.

Get One Night Free Standard Hotel Room--


You can use your free room Friday night, Saturday night, or Sunday night. Your complimentary room and the entire seminar is just...$799--save $179 (room rental)!

This “free room” deal will end on March 31 (Easter Sunday) at Midnight. It is an exclusive benefit for Money Talks subscribers.

For some of you, $179 will pay for your plane ticket. It will certainly reduce your hotel bill by 1/3 or ½.

And it's $179 more to trade with.

So don't delay.

One More Reason to Act Today

I'm limiting this workshop to 25 traders. I want to make sure you have plenty of time to ask questions and get the in-depth knowledge you need.
So don't miss out...I'd hate for you to be disappointed.


NOTE: Registrations are coming in steadily and I expect them to start snowballing as the seminar draws near. Don’t risk being shut out because we’re sold out. No exceptions: once the 25th seat is sold, the seminar is closed… at any price.

Sign up today and I'll see you in Orlando. After those two days, I guarantee you'll be ready for your 1 month free mentorship.

Jack Crooks
Black Swan Trading

P.S. This is a continuation of our January workshop in Fort Lauderdale. That workshop was geared more for Forex 101--this is not.

The information, learning, ability to ask questions, and watch me tie everything together LIVE on Monday is worth thousands of dollars. The January participants felt they received far more than they paid for--and this workshop is stuffed with even more content for Intermediate to Advanced traders.

Don't miss this event. Secure your place now--and save $200!

P.P.S. I'm offering this workshop exclusively to my most sophisticated and serious subscribers and traders. This is for people who are serious about making money in Forex.

You're receiving this invitation because you read I know Michael Campbell's Money Talks audience are serious investors and you may be ready for this level of "insider' expertise.

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