What Other Analysts are Saying

  • I have had the pleasure of being interviewed by Michael Campbell for many years beginning in 1980, and have always appreciated his attempts to get to the truth of financial issues no matter how unpopular they might seem at the time. On numerous occasions he has allowed me to air my predictions that were often in complete contradiction to the rest of the financial community -- in an industry in which it takes courage and conviction to go against the crowd. His radio show, and rapport with his listening audience, lends itself to a thorough, informative and entertaining learning experience, as does his annual seminar in Vancouver. Having been interviewed by thousands of reporters, he stands high among the very best, which is why I always look forward to working with him. James Dines, Editor, The Dines Letter
    ~ Jim Dines
  • I enjoy the Michael Campbell Moneytalks show for three reasons. One...the guests are bright, informed and tell it like they see it. Michael's questions see to that. Two...When I advertise on the show, I get great results. Three...His personal advice has been right on the money for years.
    There is no need to listen to any other business show. Anything that any investor would like to be informed on, or be guided on...is discussed and debated. His guests range from Market Timer of the year Leibovit to Gold bug extraordinaire Jim Dines and a Dennis Gartman thrown in for good measure. It is THEE quintessential business show..and of course MONEY does Talks!
    ~ Ozzie Jurock
  • As the primary host of Money Talks, Michael Campbell is a knowledgeable, trusted source of financial information. He selects guests and content with great care and the quality of the audience the show attracts is a testament to this. The show has become "can't miss radio" on a weekly basis for the anyone interested in hard hitting, unique commentary and advice on financial matters - from stocks to commodities, fixed income to real estate and everything in between. The radio show also provides a strong base for the networks high quality conference events and website operations which add significant lead generation potential to the mix. We would recommend the Money Talks mix and its excellent crew to anyone looking to add high quality financial content to their programming schedule or those looking to promote their financial related brand who want tangible results."
    ~ Ryan Irvine
  • Michael is one of the most knowledgeable individuals on markets and their impact on investors that I have ever met and worked with. Being interviewed by him requires you to be very up on your thoughts and facts as he has his at his side the data and he will challenge you on your views. His questions are penetrating and right on the money and he pursues answers from one question to another until the logic of the story or your viewpoint is well explained to his listeners. It is always fun to be on his show and it has been a pleasure over the years to run his gauntlet
    ~ Josef Schachter

What Our Radio Audience Is Saying

  • Mike and Ryan’s value and growth portfolio update. Got it, watched it – great! Thanks.
    -~ Rob & Shelley O.
  • This is a note to thank you for teaching us to be Doers not Talkers
    ~ Lloyd & Nel C.
  • I have sincerely appreciated your commentary and sage advice over the years, from you and your learned colleagues (in all media formats). Keep up the great work.
    ~ Rob P.
  • In the absence of the greater media engaging in discussion/debate, Michael puts it 'out there'. Like Winston Churchill during his time in the “wilderness”!
    ~ ahm@
  • Informative, interesting, relevant and often essential.
    ~ altb97@
  • Your show is a way of feeling informed, valued and included in a financial community where the wise investor can learn by just listening to the trends, topics and guests you provide.
    ~ Art B.
  • I hold Michael Campbell in high regard. His integrity, knowledge and honesty are a rare item in today's world of investing.
    ~ Audrey S.
  • Michael is willing to explore outside the traditional ways of looking at investments and reach out to a wide variety of experts/professionals.
    ~ Vanni
  • I rely on Michael Campbell to alert me to things I should be aware of that the mainstream media doesn't cover.
    ~ bbrady@
  • Michael gets great information and eliminates the need to search through lots of other useless material.
    ~ David B.
  • Keeps me current on what is happening in the markets, especially negative indicators.
    ~ bp.j@
  • It's a website that I can trust. I like having Michael Campbell's opinions on what I should be paying attention too. I still check in every day.
    ~ Chad W.
  • I know Mike is a very solid investor and respect his opinions very much. So if he says pay attention to this or that - I will.
    ~ Dale G.
  • I've started managing my own investments so view Michael’s site as a one-stop shop from which to get information and perspectives.
    ~ Dave E.
  • Michael offers easy reading, honest, common sense information that anyone can use in a practical manner.
    ~ der_al@
  • A sane voice in a scrambled investment world.
    ~ Ed R.
  • Michael is good at sorting what’s important and what is just noise.
    ~ Harvey H.
  • I read for Michael for information, not confirmation.
    ~ I-Shen L.
  • Michael is honest and easy to understand. Most other services speak way over the heads of most individual investors.
    ~ Jim R.
  • Michael Campbell has the wisdom to separate what is important and the confidence to speak honestly.
    ~ kdharc@
  • Great show today - as usual. Thank you for regular updates and an overview that is wise and forward looking. Also, thank you for calming my wife down, on a weekly basis about all the gold we bought and are holding.
    ~ Paul
  • Been a big fan for years. Thank you Mike for your great talk show and all the events you put on. They are a great source of information and help in these crazy times.
    ~ Charles Tutt
  • Thank you for being a breath of sanity in an irresponsible world dominated by an entitlement mentality. I am sure you must feel like a lone voice in the wilderness.
    ~ Ed Richmond

What Our Conference and Attendees Are Saying

  • Thanks for the tickets, my wife and I both really enjoyed the evening and are looking forward to reading Tyler's book and putting new strategies to work.
    ~ Doug Bowman
  • Thanks for another great financial show with Tyler the other night. Both the David Bensimon and Tyler Bollhorn shows were great.
    ~ Sherri Kottmeier
  • This conference was your best yet Michael! (Oct 10th, 2012)
    ~ Peter Barton
  • I found the evening of value and appreciated your emphasis of the alternate scenarios then as well as in this email. Yes, it is a guide, a very good guide, and points out the challenge of understanding just how to play this. In the end, it helps to be able to know where we are headed even if we don’t always know how we will get there.
    ~ Jack McGee
  • This is a note to thank you for teaching us to be Doers not Talkers.
    ~ Lloyd & Nel C.
  • I have sincerely appreciated your commentary and sage advice over the years, from you and your learned colleagues (in all media formats). Keep up the great work.
    ~ Rob P.
  • In the absence of the greater media engaging in discussion/debate, Michael puts it 'out there'. Like Winston Churchill during his time in the “wilderness”!
    ~ ahm@

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