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Josef Schachter - Author, Schachter Energy Report
As a 40-year veteran of the Canadian Investment Management Industry, Josef Schachter has experienced several exceptional and turbulent global economic and stock market cycles. With his primary focus on the Energy Sector, Josef is able to weave global political, economic and monetary issues with current energy data into a compelling story of what’s going on in the sector, what is to come, and why.
Ryan Irvine - Keystone Financial Independent Equity Advisors
Keystone specializes in uncovering, before the broader market, under followed small to mid-sized companies that are financially sound and producing solid growth in both revenues and earnings. Mr Irvine has annually presented conference attendees with the World Outlook Conference Small-Cap Portfolio which was up over 32% in 2013, 86% in 2012 and 60% in 2011.
Mark Leibovit - VRTrader.com
Mark Leibovit, CIMA, is Chief Market Strategist for VRTrader.Com. His technical expertise is in overall market timing and stock selection based upon his proprietary VOLUME REVERSAL (tm) methodology and Annual Forecast Model. His trading strategy provides clearly defined risk-management guidelines based on his technical volume indicators. His Annual Forecast Model has gained increasing notoriety on Wall Street as a predictor of future market movement.
Greg Weldon - Weldon Financial
Greg Weldon is in his 30th year observing and analyzing the global financial markets. His pedigree includes a trial-by-fire introduction to the industry as the point-man in the COMEX Gold and Silver pits. He left the floor to move into institutional brokerage, and on to hone his skills as a trader, purveyor of macro-markets and portfolio-risk manager.
Tyler Bollhorn - Founder, STOCKSCORES
Tyler is a master teacher. His essential techniques for successful trading will help both the rookie and the seasoned pro make more money. As Founder of Stockscores, Tyler helps investors make money in the markets by overcoming their common sense.
Eric Coffin - HRA Advisories
Eric Coffin, editor of HRA Advisory, looks for companies with the potential to at least double over one or two years based on asset growth and development of metals deposits for production or take over by larger companies. This broad experience and hard work helped to generate an average gain of 184% for 107 companies tracked in the 2003-2016 period, including more than 20 that have been taken over by larger companies. www.hraadvisory.com
Patrick Ceresna - Chief Derivative Market Strategist, Learn to Trade Global
Mr. Ceresna is the Chief Derivative Market Strategist at learntotradeglobal.com and optionsource.net. He specializes in deciphering the big picture macro trends and utilizing technical analysis and options to strategically capitalize on the opportunities. Mr. Ceresna has designed the Learn to Trade Global educational programs including the Macro Masters, Technical Masters and Options Masters.
Martin Straith - Founder of Trend News Inc.
Martin Straith is the founder of Trend News Inc., an independent investment research firm, publishing since 2002 with readers in over 45 countries. Their 3 services: Trend Letter, Trend Technical Trader, & Trend Disruptors are dedicated to providing high-quality, affordable research that is easy to action for the average investor. The goal of Trend News is to point out Trends, not Opinions, and to assist investors with understanding the global flow of capital, how currency, bond, equity, and commodity markets are all connected, providing investors an excellent path to success.
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