Notes From Michael - Sept 21st - The Big Picture From Jim Dines

Notes From Michael - Sept 21st - The Big Picture From Jim Dines

Posted by Michael Campbell & Jim Dines

on Friday, 22 September 2017 05:52

James Dines - The Big Picture

Dines contrarian approach to investment analysis has led to Mr. Dines accurately forecasting trends for over many decades.

- Dines is very optimistic but only on specific areas because a lot of things are overpriced. It is still time to make serious money by concentrating on the growth areas that have not been fully exploited. For example these 5 areas:

1. Defense Stocks as war fears are driving up Defense budgets worldwide. 

2. Battery Stocks as all of China's vehicles are going electric. 

3. Bitcoins are enjoying fantastic rises. But what does it mean, does it mean its a substitute for Gold? The bull market is one of the largest he has ever seen and it represents the collapse of paper money.

4. Silver, Paladium and Platinum

5. Canada's Pot. As its legal in Canada already, recent legislation passed in California offers opportunity for rapid profit. Dines published the names of 5 Pot Stocks to buy in his Sept. 19th Newsletter

US Dollar

Dines believes the Dollar is bottoming. Looking at the chart you can see the decline from January 2017 to its present point is really the bottom of a long trading range. The move has turned everybody is bearish, so they are all negative at a time when rising nterest rates are going to make  the US Dollar more attractive. He is Bullish the US Dollar, at the time of the interview he hadn't flashed a buy signal but intends to soon. 


Dines recommended at Canadian stock Canopy Growth Corp. WEED.TO 3 years ago. "It is up 645% so you've lost the cream of the rise". He thinks the whole industry is going to be huge now that the US is moving towards legalization. 

Gold & Silver

Dines first went bullish on Gold & Silver on Feb 13 2016 just two days before before Gold & Silver stocks erupted into August 2016. Dines said "he has never experienced a gold and silver rally so steep before" and the power of the initial rally has a long term meaning. 

Dines is looking for the 3rd wave up in Gold that would take it to his long term target of $3000 - $5000 and oz (the first wave was the $35 - $800, the second wave from April 2001 when gold ran from $255 to $1850 in 2011) . He is also looking for Silver to move in the 3rd wave to  $300 to $500 and oz. 

Dines says that Paladium has by far the most bullish chart of all the precious metals. Dines also uses a guideline that Gold, Silver, Platinum, Paladium will generally begin to move higher when the stock market moves lower. 

One stock he likes for a long term hold is McEwen Mining Inc. MUX.TO run by the man who founded GoldCorp. 


Dines also likes Agnico Eagle AEM.TO long term. and Industrias Peñoles which he mentioned is the largest silver company in the world. 

Dine believes that Silver is the most underappreciated metal in the world. Says it is selling at prices that it did 100 years ago. He expects a tremendous explosion in silver. 



1.10 - 19:03 - The whole interview with Jim Dines, author of The Dines Letter, who has been ranked #1 several times by Timers Digest. 

Good Investing and Trading Everyone!











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