Space helmets on Captain Video

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Posted by Peter Grandich

on Friday, 17 January 2014 07:20


As far as the “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” crowd on Wall is concern and the bulk of the financial media that follows them, one might as well wear a tin-foil hat and own guns, ammo, dry food and a cabin in the mountains if they’re going to speak about gold manipulation and there isn't the amount of gold being held as “official’ sources claim. To them, we're all space cadets.

Well I’m here to tell you (as the David versus Goliath organization GATA has for years) that the evidence continues to mount that GATA and “kooks” like me are not the ones who should be held at a “funny farm” but instead those who have refused to even recognize the growing evidence that it wasn’t Denmark where something smelled rotten but in the vaults of the FED.

It should come as no surprise that ever since it was reported that Germany had demanded to see the gold the U.S. was holding for them for years, only to first be denied then promised to just received only a partial amount of it over many years, has now grown to a crisis in Germany and gaining traction as a potential “earth-shattering” event in the economic and political world.

We’ve witnessed an unbelievable number of highly suspicious selling patterns in gold since the Germany request first broke. Sadly, anyone who has tried to speak up about it has been immediately cast as a goldbug, kook or one of many names one is given by the “happy” people and journalists who follow them.

I implore you to understand this Germany gold and manipulation story is gaining major momentum and to watch this entire video by Glenn Beck. Say what you want about Beck, but he does a great job of putting this story in prospective.

I continue to believe both gold and silver and mining shares in general have bottomed and are building a significant base to support a major move to the upside in 2014. Even the junior resource stocks are suggesting their worse days are now behind them and going to work higher from here.