Something Big is Happening - no, make that Something “Historical” Is Happening

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on Thursday, 21 December 2017 07:38

world-outlook-visualLast year we told you the 5000 year bottom in interest rates was in.

And that meant the 35 year bull market in bonds was over.

Bitcoin Trust was a top recommendation at last year’s World Outlook Financial Conference. Why? Because confidence in government and paper currencies is falling

Since March, 2009 we’ve predicted massive new highs in the Dow Jones. Guess what? It’s not over. Most don’t know why.

The pension crisis has just started and will become obvious in 2018.

Hi ,

I’m sure you’re busy. I certainly am given all that's happening in the economy and markets but what’s going on is so incredible that it merits my time in bringing it to your attention.  From Volvo’s contract to deliver 24,000 self driving cars to Uber in 12 months – to the mindblowing rise in Bitcoin. And then there’s the 50 year low in US oil imports while production hits record highs.  (Message to the Middle East – the US doesn’t need you anymore.)   

Last year Donald Trump’s victory was just one more sign of the kind of historical changes we’ve predicted at the World Outlook Financial Conference and on Moneytalks since 2009. Everything’s on schedule – lots of money is to be made and lost.

What’s Coming

My bet is that we are on the cusp of the next stage of the world’s monetary crisis – and we all better be ready. This is not for the faint of heart. What’s about to happen is going to make the last five years seem tame. (Let that sink in for a moment.)

My goal is to make sure you’re protected and profit financially. Unfortunately the vast majority of people won’t be ready. In 2018, the pension problems at the city and state level are going to be more obvious. Consider that Illinois’ pension liability is now 280% of its entire annual tax revenues. Teachers in Kentucky are demanding each Kentucky household pay $3,200 for each of the next two years in order to top up their pension plan. (Good luck with that). This is not going to end well.

Neither are the banking problems in European and they, in turn, will exacerbate the strains on the European Union. Catalonia’s independence movement, the election last Sunday in Corsica of anti-EU advocate, Gilles Simeoni, the election in the Czech Republic of Eurosceptic Andrej Babis, and the vote in late October of two of Italy’s wealthiest regions, Lombardy and Veneto, to separate illustrate the problem. 

As we’ve been predicting on Moneytalks since 2010, the European Union will come apart and the financial repercussions are huge – including a major boost to the US stock market.  We’ve been saying that playing the euro to go down (first recommended at 1.54 to the dollar, now 1.17) was a fundamental long term position – hence it was to be sold on any rally.

The euro recommendation illustrates the approach we take at the World Outlook Financial Conference and on Moneytalks. You start by getting the big picture right and then devise strategies to take advantage of it.

And our record at the World Outlook speaks for itself.

Our #1 recommendation since October, 2012 has been to put between 30% and 50% of your money into the US dollar. At the same time we recommended quality dividend paying US stocks, real estate in the Phoenix area and Vancouver.  

We warned of the drop in commodities including gold when it was still $1800.

At the Conference in early 2014 our energy analyst, Josef Schachter warned when oil was well over $100 that it was about to decline to the $32-$34 level. In what was a first anywhere, Mark Liebovit recommended the marijuana industry. 

While that was a great call, Mark surpassed that last year with one of his top recommendations, Bitcoin Trust – now up 1500% - (obviously that doesn’t happen very often.)

My Point

Maybe we’ve been lucky that every year our specific recommendations have paid for the price of a ticket several times over. To that end, Keystone’s Ryan Irvine will be back to present his 2018 World Outlook Small Cap Portfolio.  While past performance is not a guarantee of future results, it is impressive that the Outlook Small Cap portfolio has achieved double digit returns every single year. We’ll talk the loonie, gold and the markets with Martin Armstrong and James Thorne, real estate opportunities with Vision Capital’s Jeff Olin, and the marijuana industry with Mark Leibovit. 

And after years of trying, I’m really excited to say that I finally got BT Global’s terrific stock picker, Paul Beattie to agree to speak.

No Surprise 

As you probably guessed, I want you to come to the 2018 World Outlook Financial Conference. Why? Because we’re living in a time of historical change and people who don’t understand what’s going on are going to get killed financially. Of course a lot of people already are but conference attendees who followed our recommendations into the US dollar, US stocks, real estate in Vancouver, Phoenix and Victoria, and have bought the World Outlook Small Cap Portfolio have done well.

I understand that not everyone is interested in their personal finances – and I respect that. (Heck, I’ve got friends who I have to force to come because it conflicts with something on tv.)  Maybe you’re already are on top of things. May you have other things on the go.

All I’m saying is that periods of historic change provide incredible opportunities and incredible danger. Simply put, at the World Outlook Financial Conference our goal is to help you avoid the danger part and take advantage of the opportunities.

I hope to see you there.



PS - The 2018 World Outlook Financial Conference is Friday night Feb 2nd  and Saturday, Feb 3rd at the Westin Bayshore. For tickets and other details go to www.moneytalks.net and click on the EVENTS button.

PPS  As you probably know I’m big on educating our younger generation – goodness knows I go on about it enough. To that end we have a special offer - if you buy a ticket – you can bring a student or some other young person in your life, absolutely free.   The only thing is that we ask you to let us know that you want a student ticket when you purchase your ticket. We have a limited number set aside and we want to be able to accommodate you.

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