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Be Really Careful Here

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on Saturday, 03 September 2016 14:55


Featured guest John Johnson  has had such a terrific track record with the CDN Dollar and the economy. Chief Strategist of of Davis Rea, John sees the next 2 weeks when market volumes pick up from the summer doldrums as critical in determining whether the stock market can move higher. Views the bond market as not capable of producing the returns investors need. Overall he is on the pessimistic side.

....Michael Campbell on: Complexity Failure Crisis & Panic


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These People Get An "F"

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on Thursday, 01 September 2016 06:52

World wide countries Western Government policies are drowning in a sea of red ink, unemployment and economic stagnation. You'd think the policies that caused these headaches would get the blame by the media at least. BUT NO, calls for more of the same policies are screamed from the rooftops. What is it that prevents appeals for doing the exactly the opposite can't be heard....

Speaking of Government futility, infrastructure spending on a golf course, a racetrack and a clubhouse is not an intelligent economic expenditure. It will upset the children who'll have to pay for it. Children who've a right to ask how we could have blown such a historic opportunity.



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The Facts Are In: Union Leaders Are Shooting Themselves In The Foot

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on Monday, 29 August 2016 07:01

For every dollar increase in Corporate Taxes, wages drop by more than a dollar. That's according to a recent study that is backed up by a wealth of previous studies. Why then do Union leaders, Politicians and special interest groups continue to demand higher taxes????

...speaking of Politicians: It's Time To Take A Stand




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Ryan Irvine's New Dividend Growth Recommendations

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on Monday, 29 August 2016 06:04

Featured guest Ryan Irvine on Dividend growth stocks, a category that has produced some of the great winners over time. Ryan speaks in depth to illustrate that investment approach and recommends some stocks that are in the category.

Also from Michael: Featured Guest Jeff Olin's Basic Principle to Power Returns In Real Estate



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It's Time To Take a Stand

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on Sunday, 28 August 2016 06:42

The amount of money that politicians are spending on lavish personal expenses has really gotten out of hand, and it is up to the Canadian public to force some accountability.

....related from Michael: A Disturbing State Of Affairs



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Coming Soon: Another Quick Fix For Our Economic Mess

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on Monday, 08 August 2016 05:29

A recent deluge of numbers reveal N. American economies have simply not responded to aggressive attempts to spur growth. The problem is international with disastrous problems in Europe and 3rd world countries. Now its time to buckle up for the USA's next attempt to solve its grim economic problems.

...also Mike's Big Fat Idea: A Strategy To Make 6.65% Conservatively



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