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Something Big is Happening - no, make that Something “Historical” Is Happening

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on Thursday, 21 December 2017 07:38

world-outlook-visualLast year we told you the 5000 year bottom in interest rates was in.

And that meant the 35 year bull market in bonds was over.

Bitcoin Trust was a top recommendation at last year’s World Outlook Financial Conference. Why? Because confidence in government and paper currencies is falling

Since March, 2009 we’ve predicted massive new highs in the Dow Jones. Guess what? It’s not over. Most don’t know why.

The pension crisis has just started and will become obvious in 2018.

Hi ,

I’m sure you’re busy. I certainly am given all that's happening in the economy and markets but what’s going on is so incredible that it merits my time in bringing it to your attention.  From Volvo’s contract to deliver 24,000 self driving cars to Uber in 12 months – to the mindblowing rise in Bitcoin. And then there’s the 50 year low in US oil imports while production hits record highs.  (Message to the Middle East – the US doesn’t need you anymore.)   

Last year Donald Trump’s victory was just one more sign of the kind of historical changes we’ve predicted at the World Outlook Financial Conference and on Moneytalks since 2009. Everything’s on schedule – lots of money is to be made and lost.

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Live From The Trading Desk: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

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on Tuesday, 07 November 2017 09:02

Last weekend it was easy to imagine that markets would be volatile this week: President Trump was set to nominate a new Fed Chairman, tax reform plans were to be unveiled, the Fed and the BOE were meeting, the post-hurricane employment reports were due, stock markets had raced to new All Time Highs...what could possibly go wrong?

Not much, apparently, as implied volatility fell back this week to near All Time Lows across asset classes...currency markets muddled mostly sideways with the US Dollar Index inching to its strongest weekly close since July...bond yields fell as the market reversed from pricing in a possibly tighter Fed...and stocks ambled to new All Time Highs!

Fed Chair: The President nominated Powell to replace Yellen when her term expires in February and the Senate is expected to approve his nomination. He provides continuity with recent Fed policies (better the devil you know...) but also showcases that Trump remains intent on “shaking things up.”

Tax Reform: There was very little reaction to the tax reform details across major stock indices, currencies and interest rates. There was, of course, a tsunami of politically motivated commentary about how bad or how good the proposals were, and whether or not the proposals will ever become law.

The Fed meeting: wasn’t expected to provide any fireworks, and didn’t. They see “solid” US economic growth and markets are now pricing a 90% chance that the Fed will raise short term interest rates by ¼ in December...and with financial conditions the “easiest” in over 2 decades the Fed may be tightening more in 2018 than the market is currently pricing...which would be USD bullish.

The employment report: was expected to show a big, possibly huge, post-hurricane employment rebound...but the net market effect of the report was subdued. Jobless claims fell to a 44 year low.

Consumer confidence: reports this week showed that American consumer confidence is at a 15 year high due to gains in the stock market, housing prices and wages(?) Consumers are now 70% of US GDP so their high confidence level may have a positive feedback effect on the stock market and housing prices...although I have to wonder if this isn’t a classic “end of cycle” picture especially with consumers running down their savings and going deeper into debt so that they can keep buying things! Another cautionary sign is that the growth rate for national wages is about half the growth rate for national housing prices.

The Canadian Dollar: One of the primary drivers of CAD-USD since May has been the 2 year interest rate spread. At the May CAD lows the spread was 65 points in favor of the USD, at the Sept 8 Key Turn Date the spread was 25 points in favor of CAD. Since early September the spread has gradually gone in favor of the USD and for the past week or so has hovered around 20 points premium USD. The 180 degree pivot by the Bank of Canada in early June, and the subsequent “backing away” by the BOC in September obviously influenced the interest rate spread and thus the FX rate. BOC Governor Poloz spoke before Parliament this week and maintained a “worried” tone. The correlation between CAD and WTI, which has been important for much of the past couple of years has been practically non-existent the past few months.


WTI: following the OPEC production cutback agreements in November 2016 and the OPEC/Non-OPEC agreements in December 2016, front month WTI topped out around $55 in January and February 2017 (I wrote that the crude oil bullish news had reached “As Good As it Gets” back then) and WTI began a stair-step decline to $42 in June. Since that June low market sentiment swung to believing that the cutback agreements have indeed reduced global supply below global demand, thus shrinking the inventory overhang, and prices have risen...with WTI closing above $55 this week for the first time in over 2 years. Rumors that the agreements will be extended when OPEC meets on November 30 have helped fuel the rally. It’s interesting that crude oil has rallied over 15% since early September even as the USD has risen against nearly all currencies. Crude oil, in other words, is rallying in terms of all currencies...a hallmark of a strong bull market.


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Great Interview with the Legend, Jim Dines

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on Sunday, 17 September 2017 08:01


1.10 - 19:03 - Jim Dines, author of The Dines Letter has been ranked #1 several times by Timers Digest. He joins Mike to discuss the best growth areas in the market along with why the boom in marijuana stocks is just beginning. Plus his latest on gold and silver. 

....also Michael's Editorial: BC and Alberta Have Upped The Cost of Cutting Emissions

Growth Stock Increase Gain Improve



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Posted Without Comment

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on Thursday, 10 August 2017 10:19

Originally posted by Sam Bowman

Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 9.23.38 AM

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On The Brink of Significant Strength

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on Sunday, 30 July 2017 08:30


Featured guest Eric Coffin @ 02:05 - 19:14 - Eric notes that there is usually a couple of periods a year when precious metals are positive and as you can see on the chart below we are just beginning the stronger of the two that will run into this fall. Eric also notes that the committments of Traders (COT) was as bullish two weeks ago as it was in late 2015 just prior to the $329 rise in Gold thru the first half of 2016 (see 2nd chart below). Eric explains why he recommends two specific stocks,  San Marco Resources Inc. (SMN.V) and Vendetta Mining Corp. (VTT.V) 

image thumb





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Get Ready - An Earth Shattering Sea Change is Coming

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on Friday, 30 June 2017 20:18


01:16 - 16:42 - Star analyst, Jack Crooks warns that you better be on the look out for a massive change in the investment environment that will impact every one of us. 

00:38 - 01:15 This Quote of the Week from the great Humorist P.J. O'Rourke, an American political satirist and journalist on dividing the economic "pizza" pie.

19:51 -22.25 This Week's Shocking Stat brings you a number so big it will make your head spin. A number that is so vitally important it will effect everyone's economic health.

25:10 - 32:15 Hot Properties - Ozzie Jurock lets Michael know about one of the indicators he uses to find good real estate values. An indicator that reveals a very attractive city with "Glorious" real estate values. Also areas to buy where people live the longest and of course Ozzie's Hot Properties. 

32:56 - 36:24 Live From the Trading Desk - Victor continues to warn that Central Banks are back and having a big impact on markets. The key thing is the dvergence between the Central Banks positioning to raise rates and the Markets not believing it will happen. The big risk is if the markets are wrong, the Central Banks do raise rates.... the whole market complex changes dramatically.

36:33 - 38:13 This Week's Goofy Award Winner is the person who chose the headline act at the $500 million Parliament Hill extravaganza. Perhaps its just very Canadian eh?

Click Here to Listen to Mike's Unique Solution To Ending All The Confrontation and Discord and the first full half hour of Moneytalks Canada Day Weekend Show. 




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