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Why Canada Sells Our Oil at a Discount

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on Thursday, 15 February 2018 08:58


While the east coast of Canada imports 700,000 Barrels a day of World Prices, the rest of Canada sells 2/3 of its production of oil at prices that are $25 to $30 a barrel less than world prices. Natural gas sells at 60% of the World Price. Reasons why...

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fp0124 wcs vs wti


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A Big Warning From One Of North America's Top Analyst

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on Monday, 12 February 2018 06:08


 02:50 - 19:24 Featured Guest: A word to the wise - big name analyst, Greg Weldon issues a major warning for investors. Hint: the game's changed. 

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Buckle Up For a Major Sea Change

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on Monday, 22 January 2018 07:30

Victor points out that money is starting to move into the sold out Commodity sector which relative to stocks is down 75% in the last 7 years to an 18 year low. He also see the US Dollar oversold and due for a bounce. Transcript below:


The key aspect of market psychology so far this year has been a willingness to aggressively take on risk. We have seen aggressive buying of stocks and aggressive selling of bonds and the US Dollar.


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Core Themes & Dangers Moving Into 2018

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on Monday, 08 January 2018 06:24

In Live from the trading desk, Michael Campbell gets Victor Adair's core expectation for 2018. Also Victor delinates areas where danger lies.

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See If You Think These Are Worth It

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on Monday, 25 December 2017 04:27

  • MC horz cropped - 2013Mark Liebovit’s top recommendation at last year's World Outlook Financial Conference was Bitcoin Trust @$110 – traded last friday today @ $1,990 - 17.9 times
  • Jim Dines recommended Canopy Growth @ $13 – traded last friday @ $23.12  
  • James Thorne shockingly recommended Bombardier @ $2.00 – traded last friday@$3.03 – up 51%
  • Ryan Irvine recommended International Road Dynamics @ $2.50 – taken over 3 months later at $4.25 – up 70%

Those are great results but that’s the whole point of inviting some of the top analysts in the English speaking world to the World Outlook Financial Conference for the past 29 years. Obviously past performance is not a guarantee of future success but the results we have achieved over the years have not been by accident. Our analysts have been chosen precisely because they have strong track records.
No, they are not right every time, but their uncanny ability to read the various investment markets while employing proven risk management techniques has clearly raised their probability of success dramatically. Whether you’re interested in stocks, gold, oil, real estate, interest rates or currencies - we bring in the top analysts to the World Outlook Financial Conference to cover them all.
It’s an incredible line-up for Feb 2nd & 3rd, 2018. Martin Armstrong has been called the highest paid financial advisor on the planet. Heck, I’ve called him the top economic forecaster in the world. Let me give you just a couple of examples.  At the Outlook in 2013 he correctly predicted the date of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the accompanying massive outflow of capital that would push the US dollar and stocks higher.  More importantly he clearly predicted the rise of the Dow Jones Index through 18,000 and told the audience to buy every dip because the next stop was 23,700. We came within a quarter of a percent of his target this month so I can’t wait to hear what he has to say now.    
Mark Leibovit will also be at the 2018 Outlook. Mark has been Timer’s Digest Timer of the Year, Gold Market Timer of the Year and Long Term Timer of the year. While he’s been great in all those areas – my favourite of his forecasts came at the 2014 Conference where he told us to start to invest in marijuana stocks starting with GW Pharmaceuticals at $67.  Mark has repeated his recommendation of the marijuana industry every year. I think it’s safe to say that was a good call but I’ll be interested in what he has to say this year as the industry and the stocks become more mainstream.
I won’t go through all the 2018 speakers right now (they’re available HERE) but let me give you just one more example of the quality of analyst featured at the World Outlook Conference. Keystone Financial’s Ryan Irvine has been producing a World Outlook Small Cap Portfolio for the past 8 years – and as I said past performance is no guarantee of future success but I like my chances. The Small Cap Portfolio has returned double digits every single year – no exceptions.
Obviously I want to hear Ryan’s picks at this year’s conference. I’m worried it will cost me too much money if I don’t!
What Will Happen in 2018


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You Don't Know What You're Missing

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on Sunday, 24 December 2017 11:14


7 years after London - 3 years after Toronto  – 5 years after London – 2 after Edmonton - Vancouver still doesn't have ride sharing. Why? because the NDP and Vision Vancouver need to protect consumers from paying less for transportation – save us from using our cars less and not having to pay  $20 bucks to park downtown.  

...also from Michael: BC Message to Investors "Don't Invest In BC"



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