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on Thursday, 10 August 2017 10:19

Originally posted by Sam Bowman

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You, Your Investments & Isaac Newton's 3rd Law

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on Sunday, 06 August 2017 15:33


01:07 - 07:12 - Issac Newton's 3rd law states "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction". We have seen this physical law govern the investing world when for example the dot-com bubble rose spectacularily in 4 years to its highs, then reversed and collapsed all the way back to its starting point three years later. Anticipating when a major trend is going to change is arguably the underlying factor determining profits and losses. Newtons 3rd law is also applicable to to society in general, and with the rise in societal extremism the only thing we can count on is that there will be an equal and opposite reaction. The question? How will that reaction manifest.  

.....also Michael's Mid-Week Update: Dow 22,0000! & Mike's Featured Guest: Ryan Irvine's Latest Hot Stocks




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On The Brink of Significant Strength

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on Sunday, 30 July 2017 08:30


Featured guest Eric Coffin @ 02:05 - 19:14 - Eric notes that there is usually a couple of periods a year when precious metals are positive and as you can see on the chart below we are just beginning the stronger of the two that will run into this fall. Eric also notes that the committments of Traders (COT) was as bullish two weeks ago as it was in late 2015 just prior to the $329 rise in Gold thru the first half of 2016 (see 2nd chart below). Eric explains why he recommends two specific stocks,  San Marco Resources Inc. (SMN.V) and Vendetta Mining Corp. (VTT.V) 

image thumb





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Mike's Unique Solution To Ending All The Confrontation and Discord

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on Monday, 03 July 2017 07:30


Hate speech, threats and confrontation are increasingly the norm in our public discourse - and it's getting worse. Mike has an interesting suggestion that would bring back harmony. 

Click Here to Listen to the full second hour of the Moneytalks Canada Day Weekend Show

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Get Ready - An Earth Shattering Sea Change is Coming

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on Friday, 30 June 2017 20:18


01:16 - 16:42 - Star analyst, Jack Crooks warns that you better be on the look out for a massive change in the investment environment that will impact every one of us. 

00:38 - 01:15 This Quote of the Week from the great Humorist P.J. O'Rourke, an American political satirist and journalist on dividing the economic "pizza" pie.

19:51 -22.25 This Week's Shocking Stat brings you a number so big it will make your head spin. A number that is so vitally important it will effect everyone's economic health.

25:10 - 32:15 Hot Properties - Ozzie Jurock lets Michael know about one of the indicators he uses to find good real estate values. An indicator that reveals a very attractive city with "Glorious" real estate values. Also areas to buy where people live the longest and of course Ozzie's Hot Properties. 

32:56 - 36:24 Live From the Trading Desk - Victor continues to warn that Central Banks are back and having a big impact on markets. The key thing is the dvergence between the Central Banks positioning to raise rates and the Markets not believing it will happen. The big risk is if the markets are wrong, the Central Banks do raise rates.... the whole market complex changes dramatically.

36:33 - 38:13 This Week's Goofy Award Winner is the person who chose the headline act at the $500 million Parliament Hill extravaganza. Perhaps its just very Canadian eh?

Click Here to Listen to Mike's Unique Solution To Ending All The Confrontation and Discord and the first full half hour of Moneytalks Canada Day Weekend Show. 




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Money Talks Complete Show June 3rd 2017

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on Saturday, 03 June 2017 20:44

0:00 - 5:01: Michael Campbell's Editorial:  Protecting listeners from the fallout from the most dramatic historical change in generations that Michael sees coming. As JP Morgan said " You can ignore economics and finance, the scary part is they won't ignore you".  

5:35 - 12:22 - Michael Levy on the Top 3 Stories Smart People Are Talking About. One shocker, how low the Royal Bank sees the CDN Dollar dropping dramtically against the US Dollar by the end of the year!

13:14 - 17:45 - In this Week's Big Fat Idea has a special interview with Eamon Percy and his book: The book is The 1% Solution – How Small Daily Improvement Produce Massive Long Term Results.

0:00 - 18:03 - Michael's featured Guest: Joseph Schachter, Money Talks oil and gas expert who has been so accurate on the major Oil swings in the last 2 years. Michael's asks Joseph how to time the energy market and the critical question of when we can expect the next bottom in Oil. Also which clues will tell us the trend has turned - and most important, which companies to consider adding to your portfolio at the turn. A must-listen too interview given the state of the oil market right now. 

19:44 - 21:13 - Michael's Shocking Stat: Whoa, taxpayers are going to foot the bill for this Government spending mystery! No explanation why a 26 Billion dollar expenditure exploded to 65 Billion since 2008!!

23:58 - 30:27 - Hot Properties: Ozzie on the change in Government in BC and what it might mean for real estate, not just in BC but also in Alberta. 

30:54 - 34:02 - Live From The Trading Desk: Victor's opinion on Joseph Schacther's take on the oil market (hint, Victor thinks Joseph is brilliant). Also what to do with the stock markets of the world blasting to new all time highs, the US Dollar that just closed with a weekly key reversal down. Victor thinks the US Dollar is sitting on a knife edge and that its next move is going to effect a lot of markets. 

34:25 - 35:36 - Michael's Goofy: This week's Goofy answers 3 questions, 1. What institution is the leader of the pro-life movement? 2. Who is the world leader of the Global pro-llfe movement?. 3. the answer to this question is the Goofy







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