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  • MAR 2014 "I have not seen enough market movement to warrant an "all in" position, I am looking for an opportunity to take profits on the way up with my shorter term money."
  • FEB 2014 "In December, I wrote that the year-end tax loss selling should exhaust the immediate supply of sellers and provide a bottom. That appears to have been the case."
  • JAN 2014 "At what point does the yield on bonds get sufficiently attractive to attract capital?"
  • NOV 2013 "I GUARANTEE that you will avoid most big losses if you follow one simple rule."
  • SEP 2013 "Let me reiterate the two dominant major trends that provide the context for long-term investment decisions."
  • JUN 2013 "I think we saw the low in gold at $1180..."
  • MAY 2013 "In the list of BIG MISTAKES that investors make I would definitely include trying to squeeze every last cent..."
  • MAR 2013 "I will not act until I see a reversal of the trend lines..."
  • SEP 2012 "I'm stepping out of my non-core gold holding..."


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