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The Number That Scares The Heck Out Of Me

As I wrote in this space on Monday morning I was a buyer. My targets were clearly spelled out – quality stocks with a 5% yield and a long,...

- posted by Michael Campbell

Mike's Daily Comment

Michael discovers what amounts to vast right wing conspiracy theory thinking has infiltrated NDP thinking out there on the campaign trail....

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Today's Best Money Making Ideas

Don’t Make This Gold Mistake12:08 PM

When I was a lad studying economics in between bouts of playing blues guitar, surfing, and drinking fine Namibian lager, professors taught my classmates and me the origins of paper money. Like the beginners we were, we Economics 101 students trusted and belie...

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A Bottom Yet? Not Even Close …07:55 AM

Is it over? Will the stock market now make a beeline back to the highs, then on to new record highs? Not yet! The long-awaited correction, according to my models, is far from over. Yes, we may see the dust settle for a few more days. We may even see more str...

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What A Biotech Sell-Off Will Look Like07:39 AM

Summary   The biotech sector has been extremely weak to begin this week and a lot of investors are asking whether this is the start of a larger swoon in this space. I don't have a definitive answer to that question but there are a couple of thin...

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