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Mike's Daily Comment

As September approaches we are about to ramp up all the talk about education. Well, not really, there's rarely any talk about education. What masquerades as di

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Today's Best Money Making Ideas

Big Picture: Most Important06:30 AM

With gold again on the decline, it's time to take a look and focus on gold's big picture. This eases a lot of doubt, especially when companies like Goldman Sachs are bearish on commodities. We'll focus on silver and palladium too. GOLD: Still looking good ...

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Complacency To Greed06:20 AM

As expiration week comes to a close, we have a sharp move back up into highs and what we need to set a top is in process. Moves like this tend to be the market participants simply agreeing to step in and bring the market higher. What happens near the end of t...

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Dow Searching For Secondary Top06:12 AM

The Dow continues its tremendous rally from recent lows. I have stated before that it is my opinion that this is a bear market rally. Has anything happened to change that opinion? Nup, but I've sure got a good case of the heebie jeebies! Let's revise the char...

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Fly on the Wall: Inside the FOMC Meeting06:01 AM

The three major indexes all dropped in unison shortly after the release of the minutes from the U.S. Federal Reserve's July Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting, reflecting Fed sentiment that accommodative monetary policy could end sooner than expecte...

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