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    Michael’s main investment themes of the past year have been absolutely spot on:

  • 1. Buy quality stocks with 4%+ yield on corrections.
  • 2. Buy $US and $US assets.
  • 3. Central bank activity, flight to safety and the search for yield are the drivers for the market.
  • And Mike and his team have made some incredible calls over the last 12 months:
    • Mike’s suggestion to buy the $US in May 2014, to be wary of preferred shares in August 2014, to buy the Gas ETF and short the Euro in Jan 2015, and that central banks would drive Europe and Japan stocks up in March 2015.
    • Ryan Irvine’s terrific small cap recommendations (ESL, Cipher, GLN), his exclusive World Outlook picks (MSL, ESP and SVC), as well as Aaron Dunn’s yield pick (AQN).
    • Mark Leibovit’s recommendations in pharmaceuticals (GWPH and INSY), sin stocks (CHD) and guns (SWCH and RGR).
    • Tyler Bollhorn identifying opportunities in price volatility, his counter-intuitive European ETF recommendation in March 2015, and his terrific insights into how to track the market.
    • Greg Weldon’s European bond warnings in August 2014, his Cdn and Aussie dollar short in Sept 2014 and the incredible macro-data he shared on a regular basis.
  • And we will be adding to the service. Look for more exclusive original content and analysis from new contributors in the days ahead. It is our plan to make the Inside Edge, dollar for dollar, the most valuable service anywhere.
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