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Posted by Michael Campbell

on Friday, 23 December 2016 11:13

mmm- Dallas has blocked withdrawals from the police and firefighters pension fund.

- The Italian government is scrambling to prevent the world’s oldest bank - Monte Paschi - from going down.
- 446,000 people in the States joined the ranks of the permanently unemployed in November alone pushing the total number to an all time high 95.1 million.
- Meanwhile global stocks markets have added over $1 trillion dollars since Donald Trump’s election.
- Gold is off $250 since the post Brexit highs.
That’s not much of a way to say Merry Christmas, is it? But it’s a very good reminder as to how much things are changing. Of course we’ve been getting that message every day, week and month since the spring of 2008 when Bear Sterns went under. 
Still, that collapse of an 85 year old Wall Street mainstay still wasn’t enough to wake up investors, regulators, financial institutions or politicians. So 5 months later the subprime mortgage crisis hit and the world hasn’t been the same since.
The question is – what aren’t we paying attention to today that will shake the financial world?
Is it the end of the 35 year decline in interest rates and the subsequent trillion dollar losses in the bond market since July? Maybe it’s the success of the 5-Star Movement in Italy, who want to stop using the euro and return to the lira.
It could be the escalating problems in the emerging market countries,  led by the collapse of Venezuela, who are all in big trouble because they borrowed money denominated in US dollars and now their economies are tanking while the dollar goes up. As Canadian comedian Russell Peters says – “somebody’s gonna get hurt real bad.” Top of the list will be the people, banks and governments who lent them the money.
Maybe its Amazon’s new no check-out, no cashiers test store in Seattle, which reminds us of the job threat of technological substitution. My guess is that our political class is so clueless that they’ll be sitting in a self driving taxi on their way to an ATM machine in order to put money on their credit card to buy something online that will be delivered by drone – and still scratching their heads wondering if technological substitution is a problem.  
The First Thing To Understand
We are living through the most intense rate of change in history – and that spells both danger and opportunity. Danger - as in the fall in gold from over $1900 US to the $1150 range or the drop in the euro from $1.60 to $1.06 or the loonie’s decline from over to par to the 68 cent low. There are no shortage of examples of the cost of missing the changes.
But it works both ways. (Warning: this is the promotion part) If you had taken the advice at the World Outlook Financial Conference (Jan 2013) / Moneytalks (Oct 2012) and bought US dollars you’d be up over 30% even if you put it under the mattress. Better still, if you bought our recommended quality US dividend paying stocks (starting Mar 2009 and ever since) or real estate in the Phoenix area (World Outlook 2012) you’d be up triple digits.
People ask me all the time how can I protect myself – well that’s my answer.
But it’s not just in the US. Look at the results of all the recommendations of the 2016 World Outlook Small Cap Portfolio (as of last week).


Of course past performance is not a guarantee of future results, but thanks to the research of Ryan Irvine and Keystone Financial, the World Outlook Small Cap portfolio has earned double digit returns every year since we first introduced it in 2009.
And I have to admit that I love when the recommendations pay for the price of a ticket many times over. And last year was no exception. John Johnson called the fall in the loonie from over 80 to under 70. Mark Liebovit called silver’s move from under $14 to $20. Josef Schachter oil stock recommendations were up over an average of 100%.
Of course I chose the keynote speakers for their track record so while it’s impressive, the great results are not a surprise. 
Here’s the Problem For Some People
I looked at the Friday, February 3rd television schedule - you’d be missing Undercover Boss and Hollywood Game Night, and Saturday has the much anticipated recap of The Bachelorette. That’s tough to compete with, even with some of the top market analysts in the English-speaking world, including Martin Armstrong, subject of a critically acclaimed documentary and an upcoming Hollywood film. But then again we all have to make sacrifices to secure our financial future.
The bottom line is that we take your time and money seriously. With that in mind we have put together our best conference ever in the hope of making you a significant amount of money and just as importantly protecting you financially. 


Michael Campbell, 
Host of Money Talks

2017 World Outlook Financial Conference Details

Where: Westin Bayshore, Vancouver BC
When: Friday afternoon and evening, February 3 and all day Saturday, February 4, 2017
For more information including speakers and the agenda: CLICK HERE
To reserve your seats: CLICK HERE

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