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How to Successfully "Buy Fear"

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Posted by Michael Campbell & Dr. James E. Thorne

on Monday, 10 April 2017 07:05

Portfolio manager Dr. James Thorne has a unique ability to analyze the big macro global trends and then find specific stocks that will benefit. Michael asks James about his latest assessments.

...also Mike's Weekend Editorial: A Stick in the Eye at Tax Time



Wealth Building Strategies

CHART OF THE DAY – SPX Weekly Swing Low

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Posted by Gary Savage - Smartmoneytracker

on Thursday, 06 April 2017 08:04

The S&P 500 is in the process of forming a weekly swing low.



...also from March 31st:




Wealth Building Strategies

GoldSeek.com Radio: Martin Armstrong and David Morgan

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Posted by Goldseek radio with host Chris Waltzek

on Monday, 03 April 2017 07:30


Show Highlights 

  • According to The Silver Investor David Morgan, the nascent silver bull market is alive and well. 
  • The guest / host agree that the PMs sector found a firm bottom in 2015 making the buy and hold method ideal for most investors. 
  • For more intrepid investors, David Morgan's proprietary gold / silver ratio analysis strongly suggests higher prices to come. 
  • The silver Commitments of Traders reports adds insights into market sentiment. 
  • Buying silver bullion in quantity for the long-term remains the ideal hedge.
  • Cuisine for cogitation includes a new reagent that promises to revolutionize gold / silver processing, via an environmental friendly, cyanide-free method. 
  • Chris welcomes back a modern Jesse Livermore, Martin Armstrong ofArmstrong Economics, the subject of the documentary film, The Forecaster(2015). 
  • Although central banks around the globe have lowered interest rates, taxation rates continue to climb. 
  • Officials in the US and the EU have called on Martin Armstrong during periods of economic chaos over the past 30 years.
  • Our guest suggests they consult with actual traders who understand the market mechanics, not just economic theory. 
  • Armstrong advises gold investors to ignore the inflation / deflation debate; focus instead on the the yellow metal as a hedge against governments.
  • He shares a witty quote by Milton Friedman: If you put economic policymakers in charge of the Sahara, there would be a shortage of sand in 3 years.
  • Given central bankers control the currency system, the inevitable collapse is destined to propel the PMs skyward. 
  • A dollar rally will trigger the global reset - as rates increase, over $500 trillion in interest rate sensitive derivatives bets, CDOs, MDO, etc. will implode. 
  • US equities will continue to soar, with the Dow climbing to perhaps as high as 40,000 or more, along with the PMs.
  • Our guest advises against purchasing government debt - the supposed risk-free rate is far more risky than blue-chip shares by comparison and rarely default.


Wealth Building Strategies

The Most Important Lesson I Learned in My 30 Years in Business

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Posted by Eamonn Percy - The Percy Group

on Wednesday, 29 March 2017 06:55

"Reader, I wish thee Health, Wealth, Happiness, And may kind Heaven thy Year's Industry bless."

                                                                                                                                                 - Ben Franklin

Courage-to-challenge-the-climb-of-the-cliff 1920x1200I originally thought it would be an easy task to write this week's article since I only had to come up with one thing; the single most important lesson I learned in my 30 years in business. However, I soon learned how hard a task that really was, as there are so many important lessons I have learned during my own journey.

I know that persistence, the unwavering dedication to a task, is critical in achieving anything of note. Character development is key to building the traits necessary to persevere.  Education, both formal and informal, is absolutely paramount in building a foundation from which all other skills can be developed. Communications, which is the one most important skill that helped me build a great career in business.  All of those are worthy candidates for the most important lesson learned.

However, none of them can come close to what I believe is the single most important lesson I learned; that is the importance of making COURAGE in making decisions and taking actions. If I am 100% truthful with myself, the only times I really massively excelled in my career was when I ventured far outside my comfort zone. It was the time I was most frightened, anixous and filled with fear about the outcome of a venture, but pressed ahead against the obstacles anyways. For instance, I quit a high paying job as a young manager one time when newly married with a child along the way, only to get recruited within one week to a much, much better position.  I turned down the recruiters first offer, even though I had given up our apartment and was living in my inlaws basement suite, only to get a much better offer. Another time, I took my first executive job with 50% of the salary paid in shares wondering if I would make it, only to have the shares accelerate significantly in value. Most times I pushed the envelope of my personal appetite for fear, I seem to come out ahead. Not always, but more often than not. It was courage that made the difference.

While business has many known and proven rules, it is the bold action-taking the separates the winners from the losers, or from the mere survivors. Taking bold action requires faith in yourself that you will overcome any difficulty, that you are bigger than your problems, that you have powers beyond the natural, and finally, that if you do fail temporarily, you will come back stronger than every. Courage is not being reckless since it still requires planning, risk mitigation and the application of proven business principles. However, there comes a time when all the planning is done, the risks are mitigated and you know the principles are sound, the only thing left to do is act. The bolder the action the bigger the courage required!

Step out of your comfort zone and start taking the action necessary today to make a bigger difference in your life. Seize opportunities around you, don't hold back and wait for circumstances to be just right. Focus on whatever resources you have in front of you now and build the type of life, business and wealth you know you can build and would be proud to accomplish.

By Eamonn Percy http://www.percygroup.ca

Wealth Building Strategies

9 Ways To Build Wealth Fast (That Your Financial Advisor Might Not Tell You)

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Posted by Forbes

on Friday, 24 March 2017 06:35

build-wealth-fast-1940x1293"It gives me goosebumps just thinking about it. The power of compound interest is absolutely astounding."

Okay, so how do you build wealth fast? Let’s take a look.

Drop Your Living Expenses Like Crazy

I know, this isn’t very exciting, but this is the definition of wealth. As Todd Tresidder of FinancialMentor.com says, “Great wealth builders focus on both saving money and earning more.”

What Todd is pointing to here is the gap between your expenses and your income. Expenses should always be lower than your income. The larger that gap, the more wealth you can accumulate.

Let’s face it, you can’t invest unless you have money to invest. If you’re currently living beyond your means and have no additional money to put to work for you, you’ll never build wealth.

1. Save on Vehicles

I was very fortunate that I learned this lesson when I was still in college. This led to me driving a 1998 Chevy Lumina that was completely paid for because I inherited it from my deceased grandmother.

Not having a car payment allowed me to invest into myself, my Roth IRA, and my 401(k).

According to Jason Fogelson for Forbes: "The biggest mistake a car buyer can make, especially in the age of the Internet, is to buy a car without doing research first. Some buyers are so eager to get through the car-buying process that they don’t take the time to find out everything they can about vehicle reliability, pricing and financing."

I agree. But let's focus on the financing part for a minute. Car loans come with ridiculous interest rates that nobody should have to pay for to obtain transportation. Car loans can easily be one of the highest-cost debts of many American households.

Too many people view the car payment as "normal." Sure, it's normal, but "normal" won't help you produce wealth, my friend. Instead, consider doing what I did and drive a car that you own outright. It'll be easier on your pocketbook over the long-term – I promise.

2. Save on Shelter

....continue reading HERE



How Much Money You Should Have Saved at Every Age

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