Wealth Building Strategies

Wealth Building Strategies

Planner takes a holistic approach to building his wealth

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Posted by Me and my money, Globe & Mail

on Monday, 16 November 2015 15:11

Paul Philip


Financial planner and adviser

The portfolio

Real estate, low-fee index funds, permanent life insurance

The investor

For more than 20 years, Paul Philip has run his own financial-planning business (fwbsecurities.com). He bought his first real estate property at the age of 22.

How he invests

Mr. Philip takes a “holistic” approach. His portfolio addresses “the whole picture” with strategies applicable to more than the accumulation of wealth. A centrepiece is the use of life insurance to enhance after-tax wealth, estate planning and retirement lifestyle. His first and largest asset class is rental and commercial properties, mostly in the Toronto area acquired over the past 15 years. These holdings have made a major contribution to his net worth. They are cash-flow positive and he moves those profits into his investment portfolio to further enhance returns.

His second asset class is... CLICK HERE for the complete article


Wealth Building Strategies

Rich Man, Poor Man

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Posted by Richard Russell - Dow Theory Letters

on Friday, 13 November 2015 07:33

richardMaking money entails a lot more than predicting which way the stock or bond markets are heading or trying to figure which stock or fund will double over the next few years. For the great majority of investors, making money requires a plan, self-discipline and desire. I say, "for the great majority of people" because if you're a Steven Spielberg or a Bill Gates you don't have to know about the Dow or the markets or about yields or price/earnings ratios. You're a phenomenon in your own field, and you're going to make big money as a by-product of your talent and ability. But this kind of genius is rare.

For the average investor, you and me, we're not geniuses so we have to have a financial plan. In view of this, I offer below a few items that we must be aware of if we are serious about making money.

Rule 1: Compounding: One of the most important lessons for living in the modern world is that to survive you've got to have money. But to live (survive) happily, you must have love, health (mental and physical), freedom, intellectual stimulation -- and money. When I taught my kids about money, the first thing I taught them was the use of the "money bible." What's the money bible? Simple, it's a volume of the compounding interest tables. 

Compounding is the royal road to riches. Compounding is the safe road, the sure road, and fortunately, anybody can do it. To compound



Wealth Building Strategies

Millions $s Lost In Bike Spokes?

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Posted by Paul Philip

on Monday, 09 November 2015 14:58

collectiblesI am fairly certain I could have retired by 30 had I not put my Gretzky rookie card in my bicycle spokes to mimic the sound of a motorcycle. His card was not alone - much of the hockey hall of fame was shredded by my tires. This raises the question- Is your money better spent on an equity investments or collectibles? CLICK HERE for the answer

The Evidence-Based Investor Video series is a service provided by Paul Philip and the team at Financial Wealth Builders Securities


Wealth Building Strategies

"Plain Sight" Investment Strategies

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Posted by Paul Philip

on Friday, 06 November 2015 11:20

white spaceIf you’ve ever dabbled in graphic design, you’re familiar with the concept of white space. When viewing an illustration, we typically pay the most attention to the visible ink on the page, such as a paragraph of text, a bar chart or an entertaining illustration. White space is the essential empty areas in between that are hidden in plain sight. We barely notice them … until they’re not there:

When making investment decisions, most people likewise assume that the most eye-catching ink matters the most: an alarming economic forecast, an exciting Initial Public Offering, hot trading tips. But there’s a catch. This evident assumption does not hold up under evidence-based scrutiny. In reality, you have little or no control over how the most obvious news impacts your investments. The most exciting action has already been priced into any trade you might make well before you decide to make it.

Stop fixating on headlines

Instead of fixating on the headline news, consider that liberating financial white space. There, hidden in plain sight, you’ll find... CLICK HERE for the complete article


Wealth Building Strategies

Is This 80/20 Portfolio the Best Plan for Your Money?

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Posted by Bill Bonner - Diary of a Rogue Economist

on Wednesday, 04 November 2015 12:24

Time to Be in Stocks?

DRE-Bill-BonnerYesterday, we learned from Wall Street Journal reporter Brett Arends that this is the best time to invest in the stock market: 

"The best estimates argue that over the long term, stocks have beaten bonds, cash and deposits by an average of about 4 to 5 percentage points a year. Compounded over time, that has amounted to an enormous difference. After 30 years, someone who invested in stocks has often ended up with three times as much money as someone who kept it all in cash and bonds. 

Meanwhile, those gains have typically all come during the winter months. Peculiar, but apparently true. The most recent academic study, which has looked at stock markets around the world and went back in some cases more than 100 years, has found that winter has beaten summer pretty consistently in almost every country and almost every period."


If you want to do well with your investments, you will buy stocks… and buy them now. 

Arends goes further. He tells us how much of our money we should have in stocks. Citing the work of valuation expert Andrew Smithers, he concludes that… 



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