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How Put Selling Creates Monthly Income

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Posted by The Monthly Income Newsletter

on Friday, 18 November 2016 08:51

grow-incomeWhy would an investor sell put options instead of just buying the stock? You already know my response to this question – to create monthly income. There are several reasons investors should include put writing as a portion of their investment portfolio. Here is my list:

First and foremost is to create income. In this case, we are looking to collect the cash premium from selling the put option and not necessarily purchase the stock. This concepts is very important to better understand. My initial objective is capturing the premium but I realize in some cases the stock will be put to me. This is why I only sell puts on a select list of stocks I am willing to own if put to me. I like to focus on world class stocks that have stable earnings, strong balance sheets, pay growing dividends and trade within a low beta range in the market. This is part of my success using this strategy as I can collect dividends and sell covered calls for more income if the stock is put to me.

Secondly, I can purchase the stock at a lower price or discount to its current market price. The cash premium I collect from selling the put option reduces the capital outlay to enter or purchase the stock. I have experienced periods where I would sell monthly puts on a stock for 6 to 9 months before the stock was put to me. The amount of premiums added together made the entry price of stock significantly below the market price. For example, assume I average premiums of $100 over 6 months of monthly put writing which sums to $600. I have just lowered the purchase price of the stock by $600 – this is buying stocks at a discount.



Wealth Building Strategies

Rules of Wealth Building and Amassing Money

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Posted by Joshua Kennon -

on Tuesday, 15 November 2016 05:10

200441367-003-56a092125f9b58eba4b1a783It is safe to say that most parents want to teach their children kindness, manners, and responsibility, and to impart knowledge on how to become self-sufficient and succeed in life. After all, no one plans on raising a deadbeat. However, when it comes to the latter, very few adults actually accomplish this task. Why? Because, as parents, we are limited to the experiences our parents passed on to us; the antiquated notion that to be successful is simply getting a job, saving a little money, and maybe purchasing a car or some equally important item. There is more to becoming successful in life, and it is my hope these seven rules will open your eyes and help you teach your children to avoid the traps that have stolen financial success from so many people.

Wealth Building Rule 1: Find a Financially Compatible Spouse

Wealth Building Rule 2: Recognize That Debt Is a Habit That Must Be Broken

Wealth Building Rule 3: If You Don't Like Where your Parents Were at Your Age - Do Things Differently

Wealth Building Rule 4: When you Begin a Job, Look at the Pay of the Highest Employee

Wealth Building Rule 5: Do Something You Love and Get Paid for It

Wealth Building Rule 6: Understand the Money Myth

Wealth Building Rule 7: Your New Commodity is Not Your Labor, It's Your Ideas

....read about all 7 Wealth Building rules HERE


How To Learn From Every Failure


Wealth Building Strategies

Let Us Remember Freedom Is Always Under Assault

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Posted by Michael Campbell

on Friday, 11 November 2016 06:19

Today we honor the soldiers who gave their lives for Freedom. Tthe assault on freedom continues, on our University Campuses, via laws that we are entangled just in case we might hurt ourselves. We are along way away from the very freedoms citizens had even 50 years ago, much less 100 years ago.


....speaking of freedom: Nationwide anti-Trump protests rock the US




Wealth Building Strategies

Janet LePage - www.BuyArizona.ca

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Posted by Justin Smith

on Friday, 04 November 2016 11:31

janet lepage

Pursuing Rock Solid Yields & Growth in Phoenix

We believe there is a window for Canadian investors to earn strong cash flow and returns through our Multi-family Opportunities in Phoenix. That is why we would like to invite you to a special event with our CEO Janet LePage where she will go over in detail:

  • Why we Believe Greater Phoenix to be the hottest real estate market in the U.S.
  • An overview of our Proven Value-Add System for Building Wealth
  • Details of our latest investment opportunity: Urban Trails

Vancouver - Thursday, Nov 10th @ 7pm

Calgary - Wednesday, Nov 16th @ 7pm

CLICK HERE to register or paste this url in your browser - http://www.buyarizona.ca/



Wealth Building Strategies

This Is What Gold Does In A Political Crisis, “Trump Might Actually Win” Edition

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Posted by John Rubino - DollarCollapse.com

on Thursday, 03 November 2016 07:09

A week ago it looked like the US government was destined to end up firmly – maybe even more firmly — in the hands of the banks, public sector unions and defense contractors. Trump was imploding and the markets were basking in the prospect of never-ending liquidity from a re-energized Fed. And safe-haven assets like gold were being dumped in favor of growth stocks and the like.

Then Anthony Weiner reached out from the grave to throw the result back into doubt. Polls have tightened, especially in crucial swing states, and it’s now at least conceivable that an outsider will gain control of bank regulation and nuclear codes, with all the uncertainty that that implies. 

Today’s markets, addicted as they are to government coddling, don’t like this idea one bit, and capital is suddenly running scared. Where’s it going? Where it always goes in times of uncertainty, straight into precious metals:




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