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The 3 Most Popular Articles Of The Week

Posted by Money Talks Editor

on Saturday, 14 October 2017 08:23

Screen Shot 2017-10-07 at 12.23.51 PM1. Beef Up Your Portfolio With Small Cap Superior Performance

   by Michael Campbell & Ryan Irvine

For the past 18-years Ryan Irvine has had a remarkable track record with average returns well over 30% annually over the last 4 years. Ryan tells Michael and the Money Talks audience today about the cash generating and under followed small-cap stocks that he has found. Between 1926 - 2004 Small-cap stocks averaged a 15.9% return compared to only 9.26% for Large Caps and thats the reason Warren Buffet laments he has grown to large to buy them.

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2. Coal Fueled Teslas

Several countries are making proclamations that state all new cars shall be electric by a certain date.  Who decided on electric cars?  I know they sound “clean” but where does that electricity come from?

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3. Germans Have Quietly Become the World’s Biggest Buyers of Gold

The worlds biggest investors shifted hands to Germany in 2016, with investors there ploughing as much as $8 billion into gold coins, bars and exchange-traded commodities (ETCs). This set a new annual record for the European country.

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Timing & trends

Farsighted Investors Jump at Bionic Eye Breakthrough

Posted by Jon Markman's Pivotal Point

on Friday, 13 October 2017 12:50

How cool would it be to take photos or videos just by blinking your eye?

Now imagine telescopic vision. Or, infrared night-vision. 

It would be like having superpowers. And you could have them sooner than you might think – with a contact lens.

Alphabet (GOOGL), Sony Corp. (SNE) and Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.(SSNLF) have all filed patents on ways to make smart contact lenses.

Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 12.04.47 PMThese contact lenses use tiny electronic antennas and optical sensors to record video and take pictures. But that’s just the beginning.

The technology is real. It is happening.

For investors, that opens a new avenue of possibilities.

Soon, contact lenses could help you zero-in on objects like a hunting hawk. Or, pierce the night like a prowling cat. Adding facial-recognition software would mean that you could always call people by name – even if you’d forgotten meeting them.  

This is the kind of thing that would not have been possible even a decade ago. However, exponential advances in information technology have led to better product modeling, and even new miniaturization processes.

The combination means almost anything is now possible. I call it the New Gilded Age. That’s because, just like 150 years ago, we find ourselves in a truly golden age of invention, and opportunity.




US Dollar Outlook

Posted by Jordan Roy-Byrne

on Friday, 13 October 2017 07:02

The US Dollar Index (USDI) bottomed in September a hair below 91.00 and has recently rallied up to 94. We were skeptical Gold would break its 2016 highs as it failed to show strong performance in the wake of the USDI’s decline to new lows. The market was discounting a coming rebound in the USDI and/or future weakness in Gold. In any event, although the USDI broke key levels which leave its bull market in question, it became quite oversold and was due for a sustained rebound. 

First let’s look at the big picture with a monthly bar chart and the 40-month moving average. As you can see, the 40-month moving average has been an excellent trend indicator and especially since the mid 1990s. The USDI lost that support in July and in addition, made a lower low. Neither happened during the previous two bull markets. 


When comparing the bull market to the recent two bull markets we find that the recent correction began at the point at which the other two bull markets advanced toward their inevitable peaks. 



Energy & Commodities

The “Amazon Effect” Is Coming To Oil Markets

Posted by Irina Slav - Oilprice.com

on Friday, 13 October 2017 06:49

4246f4d5fc1935d9f8ca7de31ba3704dWhile OPEC mulls over further steps to once again support falling oil prices, tech startups are quietly ushering in a new era in oil and gas: the era of the digital oil field.

Much talk has revolved around how software can completely transform the energy industry, but until recently, it was just talk. Now, things are beginning to change, and some observers, such as Cottonwood Venture Partners’ Mark P. Mills, believe we are on the verge of an oil industry transformation of proportions identical to the transformation that Amazon prompted in retail.

According to Mills, the three technological factors that actualized what he calls “the Amazon effect”, which changed the face of retail forever, are evidenced in oil and gas right now. These are cheap computing with industrial-application capabilities; ubiquitous communication networks; and, of course, cloud tech.



Timing & trends

Updating gold’s true fundamentals

Posted by Speculative Investor

on Friday, 13 October 2017 06:45

My approach to the gold market involves fundamentals, sentiment and technicals in that order, except when sentiment is extreme in which case it takes priority. To give non-TSI subscribers an idea of what I do, here’s a brief excerpt from the TSI commentary that was published on 8th October:

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