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A Strategy for Investment Success & Safety

Posted by Michael Campbell interviews John Johnston of Davis Rea

on Sunday, 18 March 2018 07:59

02:06 -18:11 Featured Guest John Johnston of Davis Rea joins Michael. When it comes to tracking the Canadian dollar there is nobody better - John analyzes developments in global financial markets and covers all the potential fundamental shifts in the currency markets including trade tarriffs, employment patterns and Federal Reserve interest rate policy and winds up with a strategy to prosper in the current and future environment.

....also Michael's Editorial: Trouble Coming Squared








Timing & trends

The Most Popular 3 Articles of the Week

Posted by Money Talks Editor

on Saturday, 17 March 2018 07:24

com1. On The Brink of a Terrifying Future

 What is going to happen when 51% of the US millenial generation say they'd rather live in a socialist or communist country? Michael has even more startling numbers, facts & consequences:

 ....continue HERE

2. Interbank Rates Starting to Rise – Monetary Crisis is Beginning

by Martin Armstrong

Martin Armstrong reports that Interest Rates are rising significantly in several important European Markets. With Libor at its highest level since 2008 both banks and debtors face rapidly rising rates

....read it all HERE

3.  How To Protect Yourself from Bubbles & Soon To Be Worthless Currencies

As Voltaire said “Paper money eventually returns to its intrinsic value — zero.”. Zero interest rates, ballooning 230 Trillion in Global Government debt, there are a lot of dangers and history tells us what we can expect. Even former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan warns about the existing bond and stock bubbles

...read more HERE


Stocks & Equities

Gold Swoons But Novo Blasts Higher

Posted by Morris Hubbartt - Super Force Signals

on Friday, 16 March 2018 07:30

These great charts as usual clearly show opportunities both long and short in everything from individual stocks through Commodity and Stock Market ETF's. Besides the individual stock Novo, be sure to listen to Morris's analysis of the Nasdaq Triple Bear ETF & GDXJ Short Term Chart - R. Zurrer for Money Talks

Today's videos and charts (double click to enlarge):

SFS Key Charts & Video Update




Timing & trends

An Incredible Bull Market You’ve Never Heard Of

Posted by Paul Mampilly - Banyan Hill

on Friday, 16 March 2018 06:10

While there are fortunes being made in art and collectibles by rich investors, this particular powerful bull market is being driven by modestly funded millennials. A quick look at the chart of this developing bull market certainly indicates it has much further to go - R. Zurrer for Money Talks

A Big-Money Bull Market

It’s the market for sneakers. Yes, sneakers.

Google “Air Jordans” and you’ll see a good example of what I mean.

What you’ll find is thousands of websites like SoleCollector.com that are dedicated to tracking shoes, including those that are put out under the Air Jordan brand.

And people are making big money from buying and selling these sneakers.

For example, you could have made 900% on a pair of Air Jordan 2 Retro “Don C” shoes.

Or 426% on a pair of Air Jordan 10 Retro “Double Nickel” shoes.

Sneakers are a new category of collectibles that’s come about in the last 20 years. And prices are skyrocketing for the most collectible ones, like LeBrons.



Click for Larger Chart

No wonder then the business of the companies that make sneakers have been soaring for years now.

The three main companies in the sneaker business are Nike, Adidas and Puma. These are big, global brands that are doing great business, and their stocks are soaring higher too.

Market For Sneakers

Kering (OTC: PPRUY), which is the company that owns Puma, is up 134%, while Adidas AG (OTC: ADDYY) is up 185% and Nike Inc. (NYSE: NKE) is up 71%.

These returns are crushing the S&P 500, which is up just 40% in the same time period.

Market For Sneakers


Click for Larger Chart

Now, the reason why sneakers are so hot is because of something I’ve told you about before — the coming of age of the millennial generation.

You see, it’s their buying that’s bidding up the price of Air Jordans and LeBrons … and in turn, it’s that same buying that’s making sneaker company business sales jump, and their stocks rocket higher.

I believe that the sneaker market is going to keep running higher as millennials gorge on their sneaker collections. And that in turn is going to keep revving the stocks of most sneaker companies higher.



Mike's Content

The Latest on Real Estate

Posted by Michael Campbell Interviews Kyle Green

on Thursday, 15 March 2018 08:31

Michael asks Kyle Green where the flow of investment $'s are going in real estate & what impact the new mortage rules have had.

....also from Michael: How to Generate More Income in Your RRSP



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