Time to Pump the Brakes on Post USMCA Rate Hike Consensus

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Posted by Kevin Carmichael

on Thursday, 11 October 2018 13:31


“As you can see with the stock markets over the recent days, they are susceptible to increased interest rates and potential threat of additional hikes. While we understand central banks policies to increase rates to allow them room to drop rates if the markets go into a recession; could this policy actually trigger a recession? I thought this article would help explain that central banks need to be cautious about hikes affecting world markets.”  Craig Burrows, CEO TriView Capital Ltd.

Generally speaking, there were two responses on Bay Street to the new North American free-trade agreement: “All that, for that?!” and “Get ready for higher interest rates!”

The Financial Post’s Geoff Zochodne did a sweep of the big banks’ economists on Oct. 1 and found that the received wisdom now is that the Bank of Canada will ... Click for full article













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