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Armstrong Canada Report - EXCLUSIVE OFFERS

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Posted by Martin Armstrong

on Friday, 09 February 2018 14:45

Marty and his team have been kind enough to allow us to provide a MoneyTalks exclusive 25% discount on his recent Report on Canada and the video of Marty's conversation with Michael from his Orlando Conference last November. Offer expires Sunday. ~ Ed

armstrong 2018 offer


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The State of the Union – Markets

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Posted by Gary Christensen - The Deviant Investorstor

on Friday, 09 February 2018 08:57

Global stock and bond markets: Watch out below!

I discussed over-priced markets here and here and here.

2017 was an outstanding year in many markets. 

  • DOW up 24.7%
  • NASDAQ 100 up 31% (Wow!)
  • Nikkei up 19%
  • DAX up 12%
  • Gold up 13.6%
  • Silver up 7.1%
  • XAU (gold mining stocks) Index up 8%
  • Dollar Index DOWN 10%

We can be certain of the following:

  • Death, Taxes and Politics.
  • When markets move too far and too fast in either direction, they correct.
  • Bubbles crash!


We live with the inevitability of death, and the predations of taxes and politics. Stock markets rise as the dollar inevitably devalues, and as investors become optimistic (higher P/E ratios). Stock prices fall when investors lose faith in the narrative that things are good, central banks are in control, this time is different… whatever. P/E ratios fall as investors lose confidence or earnings weaken.

Where are stock prices now?

Examine the 26 year chart of the DOW. 

  1. Prices accelerated into a near vertical (unsustainable) rise and corrected.
  2. The monthly and weekly RSI (Relative Strength—one of many timing indicators) reached all-time highs (over 116 years). The DOW moved too far and too fast, and then, as always, corrected.
  3. A high RSI (like late January 2018) shows high risk. It does NOT guarantee a turn down. Bubble markets often move from crazy (December 2017) to even more crazy (January 2018). And then they correct or crash!


Examine the 26 year chart of the NASDAQ 100.



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Wild Trading To Kickoff February But This Will Be The Big Surprise For 2018

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Posted by KingWorldNews

on Thursday, 08 February 2018 07:22

The following is from Andrew Adams at Raymond James:  S&P 500 Was 5 Standard Deviations Beneath the 10-Day Moving Average: One of the many signs of downside extremes this week was the fact that the S&P 500 was 5 standard deviations beneath its 10-day moving average, the most “oversold” it had been since August 2015. Hopefully, this is yet another sign that the worst is behind us.

S&P 500 5-Standard Deviations Below 10-Day Average!



.....continue reading HERE


.....also from KingWorldNews:

Is inflation around the corner?



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Bob Hoye: Climate Stats

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Posted by Bob Hoye - Institutional Advisors

on Wednesday, 07 February 2018 06:13

Solar Minimum Continues

January's Sunspot count came in at 6.7, which was down from December's 8.2. The following chart includes the latest post and covers Solar Cycle 24.

The high was 145 in February 2014, which compares to the high of 238 in September 2003.

With the decline in solar activity, the number of Spotless days continues to grow. It's the way it works. So far, this year there has been 17 days, or 52% for the year. In all of 2017, the number was 104 days or 28% and the year before it was 32 days or 9%. For 2015 the count was zero, as it essentially was back to 2010.

On the weather front (pun not intended), there has been a brief warming in the El Nino region, which shows in the next chart.

45029 a

The main thing is that on the longer-term, the El Nino and its warming influence is waning.



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Visualizing the Massive $15.7 Trillion Impact of AI

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Posted by VisualCapitalist.com

on Monday, 05 February 2018 06:26

Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 6.26.51 AMFor the people most immersed in the tech sector, it’s hard to think of a more controversial topic than the ultimate impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on society.

By eventually empowering machines with a level of superintelligence, there are many different possible outcomes ranging from Kurzweil’s technological singularity to the more dire predictions popularized by Elon Musk.

Despite this wide gap in potential outcomes, most technologists do agree on one thing: AI will have a profound impact on the society and the way we do business. 


Today’s infographic comes from the Extraordinary Future 2017, a new conference in Vancouver, BC that focuses on emerging technologies such as AI, autonomous vehicles, fintech, and blockchain tech. 

In the below infographic, we look recent projections from PwC and Accenture regarding AI’s economic impact, as well as the industries and countries that will be the most profoundly affected.



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