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General Electric's Upcoming Big Day

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Posted by Daniel Jones

on Thursday, 12 July 2018 11:50


One of the most interesting companies these days has got to be General Electric (NYSE:GE). After falling from grace in the eyes of investors and eventually being removed from the Dow Jones Industrial Average's list of 30 stocks, a spot it has held continuously since 1907, the conglomerate announced plans to undergo a significant restructuring. However, on July 20th of this year, another event is coming to pass: management is slated to report earnings for the second quarter of the company's 2018 fiscal year. Heading into earnings time, there are some items I have identified, especially now that major changes have been announced to how the business will operate in the future, that investors in the business and watchers of the stock should keep a close eye on.... CLICK for the complete article


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Trade War Food Fight Aftermath

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Posted by NfTRH & BiiWii

on Thursday, 12 July 2018 07:07

Oh so predictable…


As per this excerpt from yesterday’s NFTRH update…

[The Trade War] needs to be tuned out, because it is already factored in and is at this point a macro food fight with the combatants slinging hash (and eggs, bacon and bananas) at each other. The market does not move (beyond knee jerks) in real time on inflammatory events.

So now that the children are behaving in the cafeteria for now, the market can get on to more important things, like earnings. This morning’s update talked about the implications there and more importantly, the analog to 2015-2016, which we have had ongoing for months now, with some important distinctions between the two cases.

Here’s the analog, per Sentimentrader.com. All due consideration for how often analogs fail to play out.


Click Image for Larger Chart

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Byron Wien on Trump, Trade, Deficits and Thucydides

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Posted by Laurence B. Siegel

on Wednesday, 11 July 2018 15:43

UnknownOn June 27, 2018, I spoke with Byron Wien of the Blackstone Group, a longtime friend of Advisor Perspectives and the author of the widely-followed Ten Surprises series of predictions, which Byron has produced for 33 years. For many years, Byron was chief U.S. investment strategist at Morgan Stanley. 

If you are in the camp of those who think Donald Trump is mostly a destructive force in the U.S. economy, how destructive will he be? Some investors, such as Seth Klarman, who have not historically been sympathetic to Democratic causes, are actively working to elect Democrats to weaken Trump’s power. How do you react to that strategy?

Well, I am in that camp, but people are not recognizing that the vast majority of the electorate is probably applauding what Trump is doing. Most people think our trading partners have taken advantage of us. Many people are benefiting from the tax cut and the deregulation that Trump was able to achieve. As a result of that, the Wall Street community may be somewhat skeptical of Trump, but I think he has more support than most people realize. As a result of that, all the polls show Democrats are going to take the house. I think that outcome is less certain.

The tax cut and deregulation, in my view, are generic Republican stuff that is not unique to Trump. A trade war and an immigration war are not generic Republican policies and they concern me. 



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Most Beer Makers Likely Exploring Pot Plays

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Posted by April Fong

on Monday, 09 July 2018 16:00

Molson CEO

A former president and chief executive officer of Molson Inc. says most big brewers are likely exploring cannabis investments as they seek to stem declining sales amid fierce competition from craft beer makers.

“The youth that manages some of the beer companies will be much more open to do that. The older board members will probably be a little more hesitant,” Daniel O’Neill said in an interview with BNN Bloomberg Wednesday, when asked about the prospect...Click here for complete article


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Kicking off the Tournament

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Posted by Michael Campbell

on Thursday, 28 June 2018 13:27

Mike SO golf 2018

Getting ready for the shotgun starts at the Goldcorp Invitational in support of Special Olympics. Thanks for all your support! ~MC


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