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The Macro View: Amigos Ride On

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Posted by Gary Tanashian - NFTRH

on Monday, 22 January 2018 06:28

As symbolized by the 3 Amigos, the macro backdrop is riding on to its destiny. That forward destiny is a top in stocks vs. gold (Amigo 1), a rise in long-term interest rates to potential if not probable limits (Amigo 2) and an end to the yield curve’s flattening trend (Amigo 3).

When our zany friends complete the journey, big changes are likely in the macro markets.


Let’s take a checkup on each Amigo and consider some implications as well.

Amigo 1: Stocks vs. Gold

Using the S&P 500 as an example, stocks/gold ratios are still trending up on the daily time frame.



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The Top 3 Articles of the Week

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Posted by Money Talks Editor

on Saturday, 20 January 2018 08:10

Screen Shot 2018-01-20 at 8.19.00 AM1. How Regular Canadians Would Benefit From Slashed Taxes

by Michael Campbell

The evidence is in. The significant drop in Corporate Tax rates in the US is going to generate more tax revenue, jobs, capital investment and employee bonuses.

....continue HERE

2. Recipe Calls for a Broad Commodities Rally in 2018

With US Dollar breaking to multi-year lows and the 37 Year old Bull Market in Bonds set to go bearish there is going to be dramatic changes in where money flows. Based on previous booms and busts, the S&P GSCI Total Return Index-to-S&P 500 Index ratio above is now at its lowest point since the dotcom bubble, meaning commodities and mining companies are highly undervalued relative to large-cap stocks.

...read more HERE

3.Optimum Entry Point for Gold and Silver Stocks

So with the "everything bubble" getting closer to bursting, leading to universal mess and mayhem, there could not be a better time to look at the long-term picture for gold and silver,

....read it all HERE


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Robotics, Automation, & Artificial Intelligence Companies Are On the Move

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Posted by William Studebaker - ROBO

on Friday, 19 January 2018 05:01


5 Predictions for Robotics & Artificial Intelligence for 2018

Bill Studebaker, President of ROBO Global, the first company to track the robotics, automation, and artificial intelligence (RAAI) sectors through an investable ETF, ROBO, tells FS Insider that companies exposed to these areas are seeing strong growth and that we are still just in the early stages, he believes. Bill and FS Insider host Cris Sheridan also go through their five predictions for robotics and AI in 2018 on today's podcast.

Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 5.07.45 AM


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What Happens When the Stock Market Bubble Pops

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Posted by Gary Savage - Smartmoneytracker.com

on Thursday, 18 January 2018 06:48

The liquidity will flow into commodities causing inflation…just like it did in 2008. This time the bubble will be in the precious metals market instead of the energy markets though. The metals have held up much better than the rest of the commodity sector. Big money has been accumulating all last year in preparation for what happens when the stock bubble pops. This is why stocks and gold have gone up together for two years. Gold will continue to rise as the bubble in stocks becomes more mature and more and more liquidity starts to move over to the metals in preparation for the stock market implosion that is coming later this year.

Commodity Research Bureau Index below:

Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 6.52.54 AM



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Todd Market Forecast: Stock Market Set For Near Term Strength

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Posted by Stephen Todd - Todd Market Forecast

on Wednesday, 17 January 2018 04:51

Tuesday January 16, 2018 3:00pm Pacific.

DOW - 10 on 968 net declines

NASDAQ COMP - 37 on 1002 net declines



STOCKS: Today we had a reversal day on relatively high volume. The Dow was up 282 points shortly after the opening and then gave it all back and then some.

That type of activity can mark a significant top, but not normally. Usually it's just a temporary interruption in the current trend. The extreme overbought condition was most likely the culprit. It would actually be good to have a multi day retreat, but I doubt we'll get it.

GOLD: Gold was up $4. Another new low for the greenback helped push up the yellow metal.

CHART: The Volatility index (VIX) moved up 15% today. Any move of over 7% has a tendency to foreshadow near term strength.

Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 2.55.44 AM

BOTTOM LINE:  (Trading)



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