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Todd Market Forecast: No Surprise if Near Term Profit Taking

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Posted by Stephen Todd - Todd Market Forecast

on Tuesday, 27 February 2018 06:39

Stephen Todd made a significant amount of money in the huge January rally, got out before this February crash, then got back in on Monday February 12th and after a 747 Dow point rally in two days is up nearly 8% for February too. Ranked #1 in 2017 by Timer's Digest with a 31.6% return in 2017 Steven gives his view on what he expects going forward in this letter - Robert Zurrer for Money Talks

For Monday Feb 26, 2018

Available Mon- Friday after 3:00 P.M. Pacific.

DOW + 399 on 948 net advances

NASDAQ COMP + 84 on 888 net advances



STOCKS: A heads up. Tomorrow, new Fed head Jerome Powell is testifying before Congress and there is always the specter of market moving comments.

When the market is up 747 points in two days, there is usually a cliche to accompany it. How about this? "In a bull market, surprises come on the upside".

There wasn't much specific news to account for it. For some, the earnings picture continues to be a factor. And indeed, a record 78% of firms have beaten fourth quarter revenue estimates.

GOLD: Gold was up $5. Not a lot of specifics to account for it, but it wasn't much of a move.

CHART: Five week RSI got very close to an oversold condition. Usually, when it gets this low, the rebound usually lasts much longer than the two weeks that this rebound has lasted. In my view, we are still owed more on the upside, but I wouldn't be surprised by some near term profit taking.


BOTTOM LINE:  (Trading)



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With Stock Market Booming Goldman Sachs Issues a Warning

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Posted by NewsMax Finance

on Monday, 26 February 2018 14:03

ec743c34-8bbc-491f-9af5-47e20c6f9f8bTaking the position that the Stock Market is vunerable to rising bond interest rates Goldman issues a warning below. Martin Armstrong also has an opinion in this recent article Rising Interest Rates & The Coming Banking Crisis.  - Robert Zurrer for Money Talks

If the 10-year U.S. Treasury yield hits 4.5 percent by year-end, the economy would probably muddle through -- stocks, not so much, according to Goldman Sachs Group Inc.

Goldman’s base-case scenario calls for a 10-year yield of 3.25 percent by the end of 2018, though a “stress test” out to 4.5 percent indicates such a move would cause stocks to tumble, economist Daan Struyven wrote in a note Saturday. He also said the economy would probably suffer a sharp slowdown but not a recession.

“A rise in rates to 4.5 percent by year-end would cause a 20 percent to 25 percent decline in equity prices,” the note said.

While a recent drop in stocks may have been fueled by concerns tied to the 10-year yield approaching 3 percent, many strategists have said they felt equities could continue to rise until reaching 3.5 percent or 4 percent.



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Keystone DIY Stock Seminars ARE BACK in MARCH

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Posted by MoneyTalks Editor

on Friday, 23 February 2018 17:26


Spring Workshop Dates

Toronto March 1st @ Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel 7-9pm

Calgary March 6th @ Sheraton Cavalier Calgary Hotel 7-9pm

Edmonton March 7th @ Varscona Hotel on Whyte 7-9pm

Kelowna March 8th @ Coast Capri Hotel 7-9pm

Victoria March 13th @ Coast Victoria Hotel & Marina by APA 7-9pm

Langley March 14th @ Sandman Signatures Hotel 7-9pm

Vancouver March 15th @ UBC Robson Square 7-9pm

Tickets - $29.95



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Todd Market Forecast: A Big Change Afoot

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Posted by Stephen Todd - Todd Market Forecast

on Tuesday, 20 February 2018 18:29

An important letter written by Stephen Todd, who was Ranked #1 in 2017 by the venerable Timer's Digest with a 31.6% return for 2017. In this evenings letter, Stephen makes a case for a rally in stocks tomorrow. Perhaps more importantly, as of today Feb 20th Stephen changes to Bullish the US Dollar & Bearish Gold, Silver & the Euro - Robert Zurrer for Money Talks

For Tuesday February 20, 2018

Available Mon- Friday after 6:00 P.M. Eastern, 3:00 Pacific.

DOW - 254 on 976 net declines

NASDAQ COMP - 5 on 963 net declines



Editor's note.--- For those of you who missed the interview on Saturday with Michael Campbell, you can hear it by clicking on THIS LINK

STOCKS: A 10% drop for Walmart, its worst loss in 30 years, took 73 points off the Dow and caused selling in other retailers like Target. The struggle for online sales sent a shudder through the markets.

It is our belief that this was a pullback within an uptrend albeit a somewhat scary one. I liked the fact that the NASDAQ and high tech indices were not down nearly as much. Check out the chart.

GOLD: Gold was down a whopping $25. The Wall Street Journal blamed a rising dollar and rising interest rates. I'm not so sure, but I don't have an alternate theory. I'll keep checking.

CHART: The SOX or semiconductor index was up nicely on Tuesday in spite of the drop by the S&P 500 and Dow (right arrow). The SOX frequently leads the broader averages so a rebound tomorrow would not be a big surprise. The other arrows show previous occurrences.  

Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at 6.33.39 PM

BOTTOM LINE:  (Trading)



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The Idea that Stocks are in a Bubble is Absurd

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Posted by Gary Savage - Smartmoneytracker.com

on Monday, 19 February 2018 06:38

This gentleman makes the case very powerfully that stocks are not in a bubble. This jibes with Martin Armstrongs view that the Dow is heading to 35,000 - 39,000 in the next two years as money flows from the Treasury markets to Stocks. Definitely worth watching this youtube below by Gary Savage who uses the $XVG Value Line Geometric Average as a proxy as it measures all the stocks in the US Market - Robert Zurrer for Money Talks


Stocks have only recently broken above a 20 year long consolidation period. Price may now enter a parabolic phase or be beginning another long term bull market. In either case, this video explains why stocks are not presently in a bubble.


Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 7.43.47 AM



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