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Investing in Life Sciences Under the Trump Presidency

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Posted by Streetwise Reports

on Friday, 17 February 2017 06:01

crystalballgraph580Stocks in all areas of life sciences including biotech to pharma have been on a roller coaster since Donald Trump won the election in November. Wealth advisor Kristin McFarland discusses the big picture for pharmaceutical investment under the new administration.

As of February, a great deal of uncertainty still remains as firms—and the stock market—try to predict the Trump administration's next moves. There is a lot on the table right now that could work for—or against—life sciences companies, specifically pharmaceuticals. 

What does the future hold for pharmaceuticals under President Trump?

This is the billion dollar question that no one really knows the answer to. The president hasn't announced anything yet but based on what we do know, changes could be good for the pharmaceutical industry, bad, or leave things mostly unchanged. 

Here's a quick summary:

- President Trump was not as outspoken about his plans to reduce prescription prices as Mrs. Clinton was but he has remarked that something needs to be done about the prices of medications



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Stock Trading Alert: New Record Highs As Bull Run Continues - Can It Get Even Higher?

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Posted by Paul Rejczak - Sunshine Profits

on Thursday, 16 February 2017 06:10

Sent to subscribers on February 16, 2017, 6:55 AM.

Briefly: In our opinion, speculative short positions are favored (with stop-loss at 2,410, and profit target at 2,200, S&P 500 index).

Our intraday outlook is now bearish, and our short-term outlook is bearish. Our medium-term outlook remains neutral, following S&P 500 index breakout above last year's all-time high:

Intraday outlook (next 24 hours): bearish
Short-term outlook (next 1-2 weeks): bearish
Medium-term outlook (next 1-3 months): neutral
Long-term outlook (next year): neutral

The main U.S. stock market indexes gained 0.5-0.6% on Wednesday, extending their short-term uptrend, as investors reacted to economic data, quarterly corporate earnings releases. The S&P 500 index has reached yet another new all-time high at the level of 2,351.30, following slightly lower opening of the trading session. The Dow Jones Industrial Average trades above the level of 20,600, and the technology Nasdaq Composite Index is now above 5,800 mark. All three major indexes trade at new record highs. Will the market extend its year-long medium-term uptrend even further before some more meaningful downward correction? The nearest important level of support of the S&P 500 index is at around 2,320, marked by Monday's daily gap up of 2,319.23-2,321.42. The next support level is at around 2,300-2,310, marked by previous level of resistance and Friday's daily gap up of 2,311.08-2,311.10. We can see some short-term volatility following three-month-long rally off last year's November low at around 2,100. Is this a topping pattern before downward reversal? The uptrend accelerates, and it looks like a blow-off top pattern accompanied by some buying frenzy. The S&P 500 index trades above its medium-term upward trend line, as we can see on the daily chart:




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The Trump Rally is Just Getting Started!

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Posted by Chris Vermeulen - The Gold & Oil Guy

on Wednesday, 15 February 2017 07:29

tr1-705x312Have you ever been presented with an opportunity and missed out on it?  Well, here is an opportunity you Do NOT want to miss out on.

Based upon my unique “Cycle Analytical” work combined with my “Proprietary Predictive Analytics Model, I can assure you that there are new highs to be made in the U.S. stock. Appling my unique metric, which are not available to the public, I can inform you that the stock markets are not overbought or overextended, at present. The market remains in a clear bullish trend!  This next new leg is very sustainable!

Technically Speaking, It Is Now Back To “Buy The Dip”:

The SPX, Dow Jones and the Nasdaq Composite all closed at new all-time highs last Friday, February 10th,2017.  The Trump Rally is just getting started according to Bloomberg.

Investors should expect that the global markets will continue their bull market run throughout the first half of 2017 rather than forming a top which leads to a bear market. “Extremes” have lost their’ meanings, at this point. The Federal Reserve has given the green light to major banks in the U.S. to raise dividends and buy back shares of their companies. The huge thrust in momentum has now returned to the four U.S. stock indexes.

....continue reading HERE


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Marc Faber : Emerging Markets will out perform the US Stocks

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Posted by Marc Faber - Gloom Boom & Doom Report

on Tuesday, 14 February 2017 16:01

Emerging Markets will out perform the US stocks over the next 10 years. Other topics include Donald Trump, India, China economy, Commodity rally and MORE....in this 13 minute interview

...also from Marc: Trump is a very Great Talker

Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 2.42.33 PM


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WITCH'S BREW: Sentiment UP, Complacency UP - but Uncertainty Also UP (Not DOWN?)

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Posted by Gordon T. Long

on Tuesday, 14 February 2017 06:17

When did the distortion start occurring in the markets when increasing UNCERTAINTY can come with an increase in COMPLACENCY and SENTIMENT?


The short answer is: When Wall Street and its media maven lap dogs began controlling the public narrative.  I place our newly minted Twitter King, "the Donald" at the intersection of both!

...continue reading HERE


Stock Trading Alert: Stocks At Record Highs - Will Uptrend Accelerate?


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