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Canada 6-City Housing Prices & the Plunge-O-Meter

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Posted by Brian Ripley's Canadian Real Estate Charts

on Wednesday, 26 April 2017 07:07

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larger chart

In March 2017 Canada's big city metro SFD prices coiled about or slid off their near term highs except in Toronto where detached houses, town houses and condos fetched new peak prices; Vancouver strata prices also hit new highs as well. Strata is the new Canadian "can-do" "must-do" "will-do" affordability metric.

Anyone owning a house in the scorching hot Toronto  market is sitting on an unredeemed lottery ticket. In Vancouver scorched earth ruins are beginning to appear. In Calgary prices are labouring under the new Energy Sector 2.0 as the oil majors head for blacker fields; big money is fleeing Canada (and has been for nearly 20 years) and on the street, Calgary buyers are shunning strata units in favour of detached properties. 

...read more HERE

The Plunge-O-Meter is a fantasy model based simply on the current snapshot of how much of the correction has already occurred and if the rate of change continues at the same tempo. 



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The Housing Bubble Is Back

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Posted by John Rubino - DollarCollapse.com

on Wednesday, 26 April 2017 06:59

Last week I ran into a friend whom I’d been worrying about. He’s a real estate appraiser and his work had been drying up as interest rates rose and homeowners stopped refinancing their mortgages. 

But now he’s back to being happily swamped because instead of refinancing, everyone is buying — often, he says, for above the asking price. 

A couple of days later my wife and I were at a slide show put on by friends just back from New Zealand. They’d heard that a neighbor was thinking about selling his house and on an impulse made him an offer. He accepted, and our friends became instant homeowners. 

The very next day my wife’s father called to say that the company running a gas station next to his house wants to expand in his direction. They made him an unsolicited – and very generous — offer, which he accepted. 

Then, I did an interview with Gordon T. Long’s Macro Analytics website in which Gordon told the following story: 

My brother just sold one of his properties in Toronto [Ontario]. He had bidding war with 11 bidders so he demanded cash. Several of the Chinese buyers were on the phone overnight raising the money, which they got. My brother’s still partying after that sale. 

It definitely feels like the housing bubble is back. Here’s part of a (factual rather than anecdotal) overview of the subject from Charles Hugh Smith:

Housing’s Echo Bubble Now Exceeds the 2006-07 Bubble Peak

If you need some evidence that the echo-bubble in housing is global, take a look at this chart of Sweden’s housing bubble.

A funny thing often occurs after a mania-fueled asset bubble pops: an echo-bubble inflates a few years later, as monetary authorities and all the institutions that depend on rising asset valuations go all-in to reflate the crushed asset class.

Take a quick look at the Case-Shiller Home Price Index charts for San Francisco, Seattle and Portland, OR. Each now exceeds its previous Housing Bubble #1 peak:




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Real Estate Speculation – Boom – Bust – Just Insanity

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Posted by Martin Armstrong - Armstrong Economics

on Tuesday, 18 April 2017 07:32

Barlow-AdQuestion: What if you find yourself as I do with real estate being the MAJORITY of your portfolio?


""If you have the bulk of your assets in real estate, then one way to keep them is to run out and get a 30-year FIXED mortgage now while you can. You have sold the risk to a third party and it is now their problem. You have the cash and wisely use for investment into other movable areas."

"Real estate depends on how far down the rabbit hole we go. If government does not blink and it just keeps raising taxes trying to support a system that is unsustainable, then we end up in the full crash and burn and you are compelled to walk away from real estate. Hopefully, with education understanding the past, we can for once avoid the same outcome and advance in this learning curve of civilization.

Vacation properties are the worst to survive. I bought such a place to live in at about 50% of its 2007 high. So while high-end properties in cities were rising, vacation spots on the beach declined. I wanted beach front. So understanding the cycle helps tremendously for entry and exit points.

The risk of mortgages declining is real. As governments get in trouble, long-term confidence starts to decline...."

...more in this comphrensive article by Martin HERE



Michael Campbell & Ozzie Jurock more short term: Hot Properties: A Normal Spring Market?



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Toronto Home Prices Just Jumped Another 33%

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Posted by Bloomberg

on Wednesday, 05 April 2017 06:59


Toronto’s residential housing market showed no signs of cooling last month, with the average sale price soaring a record 33 percent from a year ago, pushing the cost of a detached home in the heart of the city to almost C$1.6 million ($1.2 million). In Toronto and surrounding suburbs prices climbed by a third in every major housing category, including townhouses and condominiums, as demand rose and listings failed to keep pace, according to figures from the Toronto Real Estate Board.

...read more HERE


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People Migrating South & Are Smarter than You Think

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Posted by Martin Armstrong - Armstrong Economics

on Thursday, 30 March 2017 08:10

MigrationBirds are not the only creatures migrating south. In the United States, more and more people are leaving the highest taxes state and moving to lower tax states. One of the states that has seen large scale migration outward has been Illinois, where taxes are going insane and the there is no end in sight. Florida seems to be the number one destination. Housing prices are rising because of the net migration leaving the higher taxed states in the North. Within Europe, the youth have been migrating from Greece and Spain northward in search of jobs.

Likewise, we are also starting to see a surge in real estate in some areas driven by the first upticks in interest rates. Contrary to what the pundits believe that higher interest rates would cause the economy to turn down along with the stock market, they are being proven wrong every time because people are not as stupid as the pundits. Why buy a house and rush to lock in a low interest rate when they keep moving lower? As soon as mortgage rates began to rise, that’s when people spend because they KNOW it will cost them more to now wait.

The same thing happened in Japan. The month before a big imposition of sales tax was to hit, everyone ran out and bought whatever they contemplated. The surge one month before the tax increase made people think the economy recovered overnight.

Plain an simple, the average person responds to what they see. They do not understand the financial news nor do they even bother to watch it. I remembered that lesson from the peak in interest rates in 1981. My mother and her sister ran out and bought 10 year CDs at the bank locking in 20%. They picked the high and never watched a single TV show on markets. They did not ask me. They just did it.

Gold and the stock market will take off when people realize that government is in trouble. When they lose confidence, that is when they will start to pour into tangible assets.

...also from Martin:

Banks Secretly Report All Cash Transactions to the Police


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