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Trading Places: Chinese Flee Stocks for Offshore Property

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Posted by Visual Graphics

on Friday, 10 July 2015 10:40



Every transitioning economy has its growing pains. This turns out to be especially true when that economy is....continue reading HERE


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Real Estate – the Peak is Here

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Posted by Martin Armstrong - Armstrong Economics

on Friday, 10 July 2015 06:40


I reported we sold my mother’s house in one week. I too follow our model. The bounce in real estate into 2015.75 seems to be unfolding on time. What will make the peak is a rise in taxes. You have Chicago looking to raise taxes by 30%. Even in Texas there are protests starting over tax increases everywhere from DallasAustin, to San Antonio.

la-propriete-cest-le-vol-copie-300x225In France protests call it just theft. The London market has been propelled higher than ever because of the problems in Continental Europe with the Euro and France. To the locals, anything that brings the prices down and makes housing more accessible in London is perceived as a good thing since the influx of foreign capital has been to get off the grid. This type of influx of foreign “investment” into the London property market has been seen as actually a destructive force with entire neighborhoods transformed into ghost towns since they are just owned with no one living there. This has had a ripple effect forcing local stores to close down for lack of business when nobody is actually there to service. Prices of this type of property will decline for the property is not actually being utilized.


The bounce in real estate into 2015 that our model projected was the higher end, not the low-end as was the case in 2007. So far everything seems to be on target. The overall long-term decline will be impacted by the reduction in long-term mortgages combined with insane increases in property taxes as governments try to stay afloat. The 30 year mortgage was the product of the New Deal. With Fannie declining and volatility in debt rising, the value of property should decline lacking the “leverage” of long-term mortgages. We will see a decline more in line with the decline in prices meeting the availability of cash for deals.


China – The Bounce


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Canada's 6 Big Cities Remain at High Prices

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Posted by Brian Ripley's Canadian Real Estate Charts

on Thursday, 09 July 2015 09:34


The chart above shows the average detached housing prices for Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto*, Ottawa* and Montréal* (the six Canadian cities with over a million people) as well as the average of the sum of VancouverCalgary and Toronto condo (apartment) prices on the left axis. On the right axis is the seasonally adjusted annualized rate (SAAR) of MLS® Residential Sales across Canada.

....continue reading HERE

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 7.52.10 AM

The Plunge-O-Meter tracks the dollar and percentage losses from the peak and projects when prices might find support. 

....read more analysis on the Plunge-o-Meter HERE



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A pair of economists say it's totally unfair to compare Canadian housing market to the pre-bubble U.S. market

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Posted by Benjamin Tal & Andrew Grantham - CIBC

on Saturday, 27 June 2015 06:04

0624-vancouver-real-estateOne of the world’s most influential investors — Laurence D. Fink, head of the world’s largest asset fund, BlackRock Inc. — recently declared Vancouver property is not only as good as gold, but better.

“The two greatest stores of wealth internationally today are contemporary art, and apartments in Manhattan, Vancouver and London,” he told a conference of investors in Singapore.

Jonathan Cooper of MacDonald Realty Vancouver says evidence is mounting the city is, in fact, a special market.

...continue reading HERE


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Which Canadian cities are top for property investment?

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Posted by Canadian Real Estate Wealth

on Thursday, 25 June 2015 07:12

sdfA home purchased for $100,000 in Windsor in 2010, rented for five years and sold in 2015 would earn returns of 27 per cent.

...read the other cities HERE


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