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Credibility – Confidence – Chaos and GOLD!

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Posted by Gary Christenson - The Deviant Investor

on Thursday, 10 November 2016 06:56

apple-touch-icon-144x144The Dept. of Justice and the FBI have lost credibility by not prosecuting HRC and many others. Former Mayor Giuliani said about The Clinton Foundation, “If I was attorney general, I would indict the Clinton Foundation as a racketeering enterprise.”

The credibility of central bankers will decrease further. Central bankers have held interest rates near zero for about eight years and have pushed over $13 Trillion in sovereign debt “yields” to a negative interest rate. Crazy!

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Trump and Gold

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Posted by BullionStar

on Wednesday, 09 November 2016 09:39

It was an event-filled and turbulent evening last night as the results for the 45th US presidential election rolled in, signalling that the majority of the American electorate had voted for Republican candidate Donald Trump. Trump received over 270 of the 538 electoral college votes needed to secure a majority. Trump will now be inaugurated as US President on Friday January 20, 2017.

Media and Polls eat Humble Pie

This, the 58th US presidential election, will no doubt go down in history as one of the most unusual, divisive and wrongly predicted US presidential elections of all time. The official surveys of the expected outcome were proven to be way off the mark, and in fact the entire US polling industry may have to reassess its methodologies and enter a period of self-reflection. The mainstream media machine, particularly but not exclusively in the US, was also shown up throughout this election campaign to be glaringly slanted and in favor of the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton at the expense of Trump, and a large amount of shock, back-peddling and embarrassment seems to have hit that section of the media today, in a 2017 version of 'Dewey defeats Truman'.

The media and survey driven, but shockingly wrong, consensus of an assured Clinton victory, which was relentlessly pitched over the last few months, also seems to have been priced into the financial markets, which is arguably why the actual outcome of a Trump victory caused acute volatility and large moves across the markets last night and into today.

Market Volatility

US stock market index futures all fell sharply during trading in US evening hours last night as the prospects of a trump victory began to crystallize. S&P 500 futures and Nasdaq 100 futures both went limit down in trading, each losing about 5%, and Dow equity index futures at one stage was 800 points lower. Asian market equities were also weaker, and the US Dollar weakening against most major currencies, and the Mexican Peso also plummeting.

The markets had a very Brexit feel to them, in a similar fashion to how the markets had reacted overnight between late Thursday June 23rd, the day the Brexit EU referendum was held in the UK, and early morning Friday June 24th, when it became clear that the referendum results pointed to a majority of voters wanted the UK to leave the European Union. In both these events, Brexit and a Trump win, financial market uncertainty has been a big factor.


Florida and Ohio



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Gold: Vulnerable Until Rates Are Hiked

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Posted by Stewart Thomson - Graceland Updates

on Tuesday, 08 November 2016 08:04

  1. Gold is vulnerable. It’s technically overbought, and a developing top pattern is a concern. 
  2. Please  click here now. Double-click to enlarge. The $1305 - $1320 resistance zone is significant, and in my professional opinion, the rally to the $1380 area was not big enough to turn that resistance into support.
  3. I’m still a seller at $1305 - $1320. If gold reaches $1425, I’ll then be a buyer at $1320, if there is a decline into that level.
  4. How vulnerable is gold right now? Well, for some further insight, please click here now. Commercial traders (aka “the banksters”) are carrying a massive short position, as the latest COT report clearly shows.
  5. Also, there’s a perception that a Republican victory in today’s US election would be good for gold, but not all economists agree; some believe that a US dollar rally is more likely.
  6. Please  click here now. Famed investor Jim Rogers has this view, and he is followed by many money managers.



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An Invitation: Metals Investor Forum

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Posted by Eric Coffin

on Thursday, 03 November 2016 12:56

metals investor forumDear MoneyTalks Listener:

Last month, you got an invite from me to the recent Subscribers Investment Summit.  I know some of you attended.  I hope you found the event to be both enjoyable and informative.  SIS is one of two specialized conferenced that I co-founded. The other, more “hard rock” focused event, is the Metals Investor Forum.   It shares many characteristics with the Subscriber Summit.  That’s no accident.  I had very firm ideas about what events like this should look like and how they should be operated.  Those ideas are reflected in the way the Metals Investor Forum is organized.  I chose a wider list of newsletter editors to give you a broader analysis of different aspects of the resource and metals market.  All the editors share one important characteristic, however.  All of them, myself included, have subscriber supported newsletters.  They are not advertorials They are paid by their subscribers, not the companies they talk about in their publications. 

All the editors have the right to invite companies to present their stories at the Forum.  Obviously, they want the companies chosen to reflect well on their publication and offer attendees some of their best ideas. The agenda at the Metals Investor Forum severely limits the number of companies that can attend. Those companies would not be a “first come, first served” list as you see at most events like this.  It is a curated list, selected by the editors of the paid subscription newsletters who would also present at the conference.  A company can’t present at the Subscriber Investment Summit unless it’s under active coverage by one of the paid subscription newsletters that host the event and the company must be invited by the editor.  That’s the only way they get in.

What’s the attraction for the companies that present and sponsor?  Simple.  The companies presenting know that the audience is invite only too.    The primary audience is paid subscribers to the newsletters, plus analysts, brokers and other invited parties.  Companies know that the audience is there to learn and interact with them and that they are interested and active investors in the space. Companies find themselves interacting with current shareholders and attracting new ones.  Management groups that have attended one of my events before already know this.  We turn away companies at every event because the demand exceeds available space.

The attendee list fills up too.  We had to close the RSVP list before the last Metal Investors Forum in May.  I think we’ll have to do that again.  You can’t wander in off the street. You can’t get in unless you have an RSVP for the event.  And you can’t RSVP without an invite. 

Here’s yours.

As you probably know, I’m a regular contributor to the Inside Edge premium service of Money Talks.  I’ll be speaking at Mike Campbell’s World Outlook conference in February.  As Michael  kind enough to invite me I’m returning the favor by inviting you, as “a friend of Mike’s”, to the next Metals Investor Forum.

Meet face-to-face with Eric Coffin (HRA Advisories), Joe Mazumdar (Exploration Insights), Gwen Preston (Resource Maven), John Kaiser (Kaiserresearch.com), Jay Taylor (Jay Taylor’s Gold, Energy and Tech Stocks) and Jordan Roy-Byrne (TheDailyGold.com) as they present you with their market outlooks and strategies and introduce you to some of their favorite companies for the current market environment.  It’s all at the Metal Investors Forum on November 12th and 13th at the Rosewood Hotel Georgia in Vancouver.  

Commodity markets SOARED from January to August 2016.  The resource sector has been going through a mild correction since early September.  That looks like its bottoming now.  Many successful explorers and developers are trading at a discount just as they begin delivering news from a busy exploration year.  This is a real opportunity for savvy investors that know that timing can be everything in the market.  The editors presenting at the Metals Investor Forum have selected companies they feel have the best chance to reward traders over the next few months.  Traders that were wise enough to take the time to come and meet the management teams face to face and hear their stories.

Meet the CEO’s of hand-picked junior gold and base metals explorers and developers hand-picked by our editors. The conference takes place in a four star venue that was intentionally chosen to limit the audience size.  This event always sells out. Our audience consists of well-informed retail investors, along with select brokers and fund managers.

That makes it a valuable networking day for our entire audience.

We want you to hear from companies that are carrying out some of the most exciting and potentially rewarding exploration in the sector. Companies with some of the best assets and potential out there across the resource space. This new bull market has already produced some spectacular gains – and Metals Investor Forum attendees heard about many of them early.

As we head into the winter in a strengthening bull market – the opportunities and profits that you potentially could be exposed to are phenomenal. DON’T MISS OUT!

This year’s Vancouver conference is Saturday November 12th and Sunday November 13th  in the Spanish Ballroom and Ballroom Promenade at the Rosewood Hotel  Georgia.  The May Metals Investor Forum was many attendees first introduction to the entirely rebuilt Hotel Georgia and this beautiful venue.  The feedback from attendees of the May show was fantastic.  Many thought it was the best conference of its type in years, some said “ever”.   Attendees got to listen to great (but short!) presentations in comfortable surroundings, interspersed with long breaks with catered coffee, lunch and dessert that allowed them to spend one-on-one time with management teams and other attendees.  The November event should be even better.

Please join us for this exclusive event. Similar events cost hundreds of dollars for privileged access and networking—but this event is FREE. There are only a limited number of seats available–so don’t delay as we “sell out” every event.

Join us at this exclusive event:

When:  Saturday, November 12th and Sunday November 13th 2016 from 9am – 5pm, with a cocktail reception to follow.

Where: Rosewood Hotel Georgia, downtown Vancouver

Tickets are very limited.  Most of the seats are spoken for already but, as a Money Talks listener you still have a chance to get yours.  If you act quickly.  It’s free to attend but you MUST pre-register.  Register today to reserve your FREE seat. ( And, please, only register if you do intend on showing up – this event sells out and we want to keep seats open for attendees)

Simply click on the link below to go directly to the registration page.   You can also get more information on the event at www.metalsinvestorforum.com

RSVP Link:   CLICK HERE or paste this url in your browser - https://metalsinvestorforum-nov2016.eventbrite.com/?aff=MoneyTalks

Eric Coffin

Editor. HRA Advisories


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Clive Maund's Gold Market Update

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Posted by Clive P. Maund

on Wednesday, 02 November 2016 07:29

gold1year291016It now looks like gold’s correction is done and its intermediate base pattern is completing, and if so then we are at an excellent entry point for many better PM stocks, which have been savagely beaten down over the past several months - a necessary correction following their outsized runup earlier in the year.

On its 1-year chart we can see that gold’s corrective action from early July has brought it all the way back to its steadily rising 200-day moving average, a classic buy spot, where a potential intermediate base has formed....continue reading HERE or click on chart for entire article with 7 large charts

...related, more gold & silver analysis:

Gold and Silver: Connecting The Dots


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