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Gold And Fred Astaire

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Posted by Stewart Thomson via Graceland Updates

on Wednesday, 01 August 2012 08:26

If something is broken, it can often be repaired.  If your car is in an accident, you take it to the repair shop. 

2.         If you go to the repair shop and see it on a hoist with mechanics working on it, the odds are good that repairs are being made.

3.         Junior gold stocks are the passion, and arguably the lifeblood, of the gold community.  They have been broken, like a car in a bad accident, but there is now a beehive of activity going on at the“technical analysis repair shop”.

4.         To view GDXJ on the hoist with mechanics working on it, pleaseclick here now.

5.         As GDXJ has risen from the lows, volume has started to grow.  A key breakout over a downtrend line occurred on Friday, and Monday’s price action helped confirm it.

6.         Many individual junior gold stocks have exhibited geyser-like price action over the past few days, and I think that’s a precursor to what is coming to the entire sector. 

7.         The bottom line is that your junior gold stock “vehicles” are being technically repaired and put back onto the racetrack. 

8.         Before this rally pauses, the resistance zone created by the early June highs of $22.18 and the late 2011 low of $22.58 should be taken out on the upside.

9.         The $22.18 high is also the neckline of a very significant double bottom formation.  GDXJ and its component stocks could stage a powerful rally from there, taking it to the $30 level.

10.      Please click here now.  The Dow has a possible flag pattern on it. Flags have been appearing on quite a number charts in various sectors over the past few weeks. 

11.      These technical patterns tend to be harbingers of near-vertical price movement.  They could be indicating that immense global easing is coming soon. 

12.      Mario Draghi and Tim Geithner have both recently indicated their extreme dissatisfaction with the global “recovery”.  The FOMC meeting begins today, and the US Department of Labour release the Employment Situation Summary report on Friday. 

13.      These are arguably the two most important reports to be released in the past several months.  All institutional money managers are keenly awaiting them.  The bullish GDXJ and Dow charts suggest that whatever is coming, it is likely very bullish for stocks.

14.      I often refer to silver as gold’s “wild little brother”.  Please click here now.  If silver manages to close to the upside today, that will make it 5 consecutive days in a row of rising prices.

15.      I view the $28.50 price mark as equivalent to about $1625 for gold, and gold has already tested resistance there.  Solid support has been created around $27.50, and I would expect any pullback to be halted there.

16.      Please click here now.  The dollar had been rising in a parallel upchannel, but that is rapidly degrading into a bearish rising wedge formation.

17.      It’s important to realize that a small move to the downside on the dollar index can be accompanied by a very big movement in the gold price, on the upside.

18.       US elections are not far away, and telling America’s unemployed that “I’m a strong dollar man” is probably not at the top of President Obama’s campaign statements list.

19.      It’s very difficult for the stock markets of the debt-laden United States to rally, while the dollar also rallies. Tim Geithner seems to be hinting to Ben Bernanke that now is the time to unveil more accommodative Fed policy, to help the nation’s financial “risk-on” markets.

20.      Gold itself seems to agree.  It is displaying extremely bullish price movement.  Please click here now.  That symmetrical triangle belongs in every technical analysis handbook. 

21.      Symmetrical triangles often usher in powerful momentum-based price movement, and I think that’s what is coming soon to the gold market.

22.      The target of that triangle is at least $1700, and such a move would open the door to a test of the highs near $1923.

23.      The breakout occurred well ahead of the apex, and it feels like gold has Fred Astaire’s dancing shoes on. 

24.      The question is, would you care for a dance?


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Gold & Precious Metals

Gold: Parameters for an "All Clear Signal"

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Posted by Peter Grandich -

on Tuesday, 31 July 2012 07:19

Don’t forget we need two consecutive closes above $1,650 on gold before we can give the “all-clear” signal. - Peter Grandich

Ronald-Peter Stöferle: “Mining Shares Are One Of The Most Underweighted Sectors In The Globe At The Moment” 

 We had another confirming conversation on the strength and durability of the current bull market in gold.

When asked about the current market sentiment Ronald said, “At the moment the sentiment is at the most bearish levels since 2008-2009, which for a contrarian is a very positive sign…I think during the correction we’ve seen all the speculative demand kind of being washed out.”

In regards to an important pillar of strength underneath the gold price Ronald explained that, “Negative real interest rates are by far the most important factor.... more HERE

A little fun from Peter Grandich: "Sex has been used to get man’s attention throughout history. Perhaps this is needed for American men to wake up to the enormity of the debt problem"





Gold & Precious Metals

The Truth About Gold (A 50 Page Gold Bible)

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Posted by Business Insider

on Monday, 30 July 2012 00:00


After an amazing run that lasted over a decade, gold has been a major laggard this year.

And lately it has been particularly weak. But it remains the subject of an intense amount of fascination, both in terms of the investment prospects, and as a subject of political and historical debate.

So we've compiled the ultimate guide to gold: Its history, its performance, what moves it, and what it might do next. HERE for 59 pages of fascinating charts and analysis. A virtual Bible of Gold Information with well presented lesser known statistics like the following:

Picture 3

....the other 58 pages HERE 


Gold & Precious Metals

Gold Bottom: "Major Move Approaching" -

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Posted by Peter Grandich -

on Friday, 27 July 2012 08:30


Jim Wyckoff of Kitco has a very useful chart online that shows that support and resistance levels I’ve spoken about. You can also notice that since June, gold has been making slightly lower highs and higher lows. This suggests a major move is approaching. I of course, think it shall be to the upside. Please note there are gold options expiring today and the “gang” normally like to lean on gold during these expiration’s. I’m sure those who wrote $1,600 strike prices were not happy with the rally yesterday. Today’s trading shall be interesting because  it can be one of the rare expiration’s where the “gang” get squeezed. It couldn’t happen to a *&^%$ bunch, including their biggest cheerleader - Peter Grandich

Warning: Potent Comments from Central Banks and a Politician below

As Peter noted today was an important day in that despite any attempt by the options "Gang" to get the Gold Market back down to cover up the $1,600 strike price. Comex Gold finished the Pit Session $7 Higher on the European Central Bank chief Mario Draghi's sudden shift in rhetoric. In Central Bank language Draghi said that they were prepared to use "nonstandard policy measures as an option". Sounds like they are getting so desperate that if arresting Angela Merkel or burning down the Eiffel Tower  would save the Euro the Central Bank would do it.

Draghi’s comments came as the market is also anticipating further stimulus in the U.S. The European Central Bank using "nonstandard policy measures" will almost certainly contribute to general market pessimism towards Governments in General, and paper currencies in particular. When you have Luxembourg Prime Minster Jean-Claude Junker saying“We all know what to do, but we don’t know how to get re-elected once we have done it", you know that you can definitely trust Governments, and its financial arm Central Banks, to  avoidwhat absolutely needs to be done. 

Undoubtedly it will also boost investor confidence in a bottoming $1,600 Gold market. A Gold market that has been correcting for 11 months from its 1,900 high of  last August. . 

A sharply weaker dollar also lent support to gold. A softer dollar tends to underpin all commodities by making them cheaper in other currencies, plus some market participants tend to buy gold as a hedge against dollar weakness. No matter how you cut it, the Gold Market moved higher on the movements in currencies and potential Central Bank actions. - Robert Zurrer

(US Dollar & Euro Charts Below)

Picture 1

Picture 2



Gold & Precious Metals

US T- Bonds False Safe Haven - Official 0% Rate Policy is the Calling Card of the Gold Bull Market

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Posted by Jim Willie via The Market Oracle

on Thursday, 26 July 2012 09:15

The USTreasury 10-year yield went below 1.4% this week. Some unenlightened celebrate the asset appreciation and point to a successful asset in performance in an otherwise dismal financial market. The Jackass said in the June 6th public article "USTBonds: Black Hole Dynamics" that such a success is a marquee billboard message of economic meltdown and systemic failure. As the rally continues, possibly the onliest rally outside of corn and soybeans in yet another disaster, people should focus on whether the systemic collapse will occur before the 10-yield hits 1.0% in my warning. Focus on four major points:

  • The unspoken effect of ZIRP (0%) is the powerful ongoing destruction of capital, as the entire cost structure rises
  • As equipment goes off line further, the USEconomy will weaken further, in a powerful vicious cycle
  • The official Zero Percent Interest Policy is the calling card of the Gold Bull Market, powered by negative inflation adjusted returns on savings
  • The USTBonds will fail from their own success, unleashing the Gold Price when the investment community and global creditors realize no further potential appreciation in the most massive asset bubble in modern history, supported by Interest Rate Swap derivative machinery. Money will eventually fly out of bonds and seek true safe haven.

Fear not. The USTBond 10-year yield (TNX) will not and cannot reach below 1.0% as all ponderings of a world with 0% on 10-year yield are divorced from reality. The Black Hole is working hard, gathering force, amplifying the gravitational field. It is happening right on schedule, no surprise here, a very easy correct forecast. The original supposed Flight to Safety in the USTBonds was totally fabricated and phony. As mentioned at least a dozen times by the Jackass, the last half of year 2010 saw the dutiful Wall Street outpost Morgan Stanley devote a fresh $8 trillion in interest rate derivatives, fully documented by the Office of the Comptroller to the Currency. Their reports never make the headlines, since they are so chock full of rancid fetid scum. As the TNX  marches down the swirling pathways within the vast USGovt debt sewer-like cisterns, their energy will be derived from the massive recession that has engulfed the USEconomy. Not only is the flight to safety in the USTBond complex a total fabrication falsehood, but the USEconomic recovery is also a fiction written on political propaganda posters. The followon flight to the bubble ridden USTBond is based upon economic wreckage and broad disintegration of the entire periphery and surrounding core to the bond market. The great sucking sound can be heard, much like during the non-earthquake in Virginia in September 2011. Experienced traders are looking at each other, in full recognition that the TNX rally is indeed an endgame signal.

Gold Is The True Sanctuary 


The concept of solutions for the global monetary system, the global currency system, and the global banking system, have become outright laughable and an insult to the intelligence of observers. The paper system has become weighed down by toxic assets to the point of rendering the entire system insolvent and sinking its future prospects. No new debt can repair and provide remedy for the fatally sick and current overly indebted dying system. The new trade settlement facilities are ready to put in place, based upon a Gold & Silver core. That word has come from a source directly involved in the preparation process for the Eastern Fortress. The trade notes will provide the lubrication to complete trade, which will have a hard asset core. The USDollar will gradually fade away from trade settlement, except for the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and possibly Southern Europe. The great tipping point approaches, whereby over half of global trade will be settled outside the domain of the crippled toxic USDollar. The foreign participants can no longer tolerate the bank bond fraud, the central bank debasement, and the usage of bank devices as weapons.

us-bonds-26 image004

Major changes are coming. A return to a certain type of Gold Standard is right around the corner, awaiting the Western collapse that is in a late stage of pathogenesis. The jumping brush fires that the London, New York, and Western European bankers must contend with will eventually envelop them, doling out massive smoke inhalation. Worst of all, the jumps will expose new areas of corruption every few weeks, sufficient to bring down the system. After all, it is a fiat faith based system. The faith has long ago vanished. All that remains is power politics, arrogance, and corruption. The new system will force the Gold price above $5000 per ounce on a conservative basis. It is all part of the plan not yet revealed. The Gold/Silver Ratio will revert to 20:1 in time. That translates for the math impaired to a $250 per ounce Silver price. These are conservative figures. more about the Libor Scandal, Gold, Isolvent Banks, Interest Rates HERE



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